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Slack Personal Notifications

Paligo can send "personal" notifications to you in Slack. These are notifications that are relevant to you, but not all users, and they appear as direct messages from the Paligo app. You can see them in Apps > Paligo in Slack.

Slack sidebar shown in close up. Apps is expanded to show a Paligo entry.

The types of message that are shown as "personal" notifications are:

  • @ mentions of your Paligo user name in reviews

  • Reply comments in topics that you have followed

  • Someone has shared a document with you

  • Production notifications, including when a publication is ready for download or has failed.

  • Assignment status changes, such as assignment started, assignment approved, assignment canceled, and assignment ended.


Paligo can also send activity feed notifications to Slack. These activity feed notifications are the same as those that appear in the activity feed on the Paligo dashboard, and they are sent to a specific Slack channel.

To use "personal" notifications in Slack:

  1. Make sure the Paligo to Slack integration settings are in place, so that Paligo can connect to your Slack workspace successfully. Also, make sure that the email address you use for the Slack workspace is the same as the email address you use for your Paligo user account.

  2. In Paligo, select your profile in the upper-right corner to display a menu. Select My Profile.

  3. Select the Notifications tab.

  4. Use the Notifications tab to choose which "personal" notifications you want to receive on Slack. For more information, see My Profile.

  5. Select Save.

  6. Test the notifications work by doing something that will cause Paligo to create a "personal" notification. For example, if you have chosen to receive slack notifications when someone shares a document, ask another Paligo user to share a publication with you. When they share the publication, look at Apps > Paligo in Slack. You should see a notification that is personal to you. Other users in your Slack workspace will not see the notification in their Apps > Paligo notifications.

    Slack interface showing a direct message that has been received from Paligo.