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Test the MS Teams Notifications

When you have set up the Paligo to Microsoft Teams integration, you can perform a test to check that Paligo's notifications are appearing in MS Teams.

There are different tests you can perform to check the different types of notifications:

Test Activity Feed Notifications

To test that your activity feed notifications are working, do something that generates an activity feed notification, such as create or rename a topic. Paligo should send a notification to the channel you specified in the Paligo-MS Teams integration settings.

MS Teams showing the feed for a team channel. In the feed, there are channel notifications from Paligo.

The notification appears in the channel feed and comes from either the webhook connector that you set up or the Paligo application. In the image above, it shows notifications sent to the "Documentation" channel. The notifcations come from a webhook connector called "Paligo".

If your activity feed notifications are not coming through, check:

  • You have set up the webhook correctly in MS Teams (if using the webhook connection type in Paligo).

  • You have installed the Paligo application correctly in MS Teams (if using the Paligo App connection type in Paligo).

  • The MS Teams integration settings in Paligo are correct and the Send activity feed to a Teams channel is checked.

  • The MS Teams integration settings filters allow Paligo to send a notification for the type of event that you created.

  • You have performed an action that causes an activity feed notification to be created. To find out more, see MS Teams Activity Feed Notifications.

If those are correct and you still cannot get activity feed notifications in MS Teams, contact support for assistance.

Test Personal Notifications

To test that Paligo can send personal notifications to Microsoft Teams:

  1. Check your notifications settings in My Profile and make sure that you are able to receive personal notifications in MS Teams.

  2. Do something that will cause Paligo to create a personal notification. For example, if you have chosen to receive notifications when someone shares a document, ask another Paligo user to share a publication with you. When they share the publication, look at Chat in MS Teams. You should see a notification that is personal to you. Other users in your MS Teams will not see the notification in their Chat.


If you do not receive the notification, make sure that your Paligo-MS Teams integration settings are correct. For personal notifications, the connection must be set to Paligo App. You can also try installing the Paligo App in MS Teams again, as it needs to be reinstalled each time any changes are made to the MS Teams integration settings. Also make sure that your My Profile settings allow Microsoft Teams notifications.

If you are still unable to receive personal messages, contact support for assistance.