The Resource view

In the Content manager, click on a folder and the Resource View opens


In the Resource view all the components in the selected folder are listed. You will find the following column headings:

To the far right you have a options menu with actions you can take on the component:


In front of each component you find an arrow icon. Click it to expand the Resource Detail Panel:


This panel provides lots of useful information about:

  • Existing translations. Shows how much text of the project that has been translated to selected languages

  • Related resources. Here you find information about:

    • Reused content, that is if the component includes other components and if the component itself is used elsewhere.

    • Languages added shows languages added, and also if a language is missing (i.e if a topic is missing a language that is set on a publication it is reused in).

    • Related images, images included in the component.

  • Publications. When publishing content you can select to check Save output in Paligo. This saves the published output right here conveniently on the publication resource itself.

  • Branches. Shows if there are any existing branches of the component.

  • Versions Release versions saved when a document goes through the release workflow.

  • Assignments If there are any assignments for this particular document, they will be shown here.

  • News feed Any activity concerning this document will be displayed here.