Themes for HTML5 Help Centers

Paligo provides several different themes that you can use for your HTML5 help center. Each theme provides a different look and feel, and you can use your own custom CSS to change them to meet your requirements. There are also themes for the content too, and these set the default styling for the content, such as notes and other elements.

You select the themes on the layout for your HTML5 help center. They are in the Help Center themes options category, and there is a Base theme for choosing the style of the HTML5 help center and a Content theme for choosing the style of the content.


There are several base themes to choose from, including:

  • Theme 0 - A "bare bones" theme that you can use as a template. With this theme, you will need to use a custom CSS stylesheet to define the positioning of the various sections, color schemes, etc.

  • Theme 1 - This has a blue and orange color scheme by default (can be overridden in CSS with any colors you choose). This theme has a typical help center look, and the inner content pages has the search field in the navigation sidebar.

  • Theme 2 - Is similar to theme 1, but with some variations on the portal page, and the inner content pages have the search field in the top banner instead of the navigation sidebar.

  • Theme 3 - This theme has a body content panel with a box shadow look. This variant uses a pink and blue color scheme by default (completely customizable as all themes).

  • Theme 3b - The same as theme 3, with a slight color theme variation. If you like theme 3, and intend to customize the color scheme it doesn't matter if you choose theme 3 or 3b.


You can use themes 1, 2, 3, and 3b as they are or you can use your own custom CSS to change them.

For the Content Themes, you can choose from Theme 1 or Theme 2.

To find out about uploading custom CSS files to your HTML5 layout, see Branding your HTML Outputs with CSS.

To learn about layouts and how they are used when publishing content, see Layouts.