Translate Variables

If you want to use variables in your content and you need them to be translated, use text (translatable) variables. These are the only type of variable that can be exported for translation. For example, let's say you translate your content and you use variables to swap out the term "administrator" for "operator" in different user guides. As you are having the content translated, you will need to use text (translatable) variables for "administrator" and "operator".


Don't worry if you have already used regular text variables, as you can convert them into text (translatable) variables (see Convert Variables).

To use translatable variables:

  1. Create a variable set to contain your translatable variables and their variants.

  2. Add the translatable variables to your topics.

    If you are translating your content internally, your translators can add the translations directly in the variable set too. In this scenario, you can ignore steps 3 and 4 below.

  3. Export the variable set for translation and send it to a translation agency.

  4. Import the files that the translation agency return to you.