Troubleshooting HTML5 Output

If you are not seeing the output as expected, that doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong. There are a few common aspects of viewing HTML output that you need to be aware of.

Warning about script or ActiveX in Internet Explorer

If you see a bar at the bottom of the page in your HTML5 output when viewing it in Internet Explorer or Edge, this is only because the standard security setting of these browsers is to not allow JavaScript to run when opening HTML files locally on your computer.


This does not mean there is anything wrong. As soon as you upload your content to your web server it will not appear. And if you want to run it on your local computer for testing, you can just choose to allow the blocked content.

HTML looks unstyled if not properly unzipped on Windows

In Windows, there is a built-in utility for zip files. However, double-clicking a zip file does not properly unzip the files, it just looks like it. But in fact you are just "peeking" inside. If you open an HTML file in the browser then, it will not display properly.

To properly unzip your HTML output on Windows if using the built-in zip utility, instead right-click on the zip file, and choose Extract here.