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Validate Content Manually

Paligo validates your content automatically when you save a topic, but you can also start the validation process yourself, at any time. The rules that are used for the validation vary, depending on what you have in place in the editor settings. You can use the same rules for validation on save and manual validation, or you can apply different rules for each (see Turn Validation On or Off for a Topic).

To validate your content manually:

  1. Open a topic that you want to edit and validate.

  2. Select the validate option on the editor's toolbar. It is the check icon to the right of the save icon.

    Paligo editor toolbar. A callout arrow points to the check icon which is the second icon from the left. The check icon is for the validation feature.

    Paligo will check that your content is valid based on the rules that are set for manual validation (in the topic editor settings). These are the rules that have Validate checked.


    The Save checkboxes are for the rules that apply when saving a topic.

    If your content has broken any of the validation rules, Paligo displays an error message. It also provides information about the problems in the Validation panel, so that you know what parts of the content you need to fix.



    If you want to save your topic and come back to fix the problems later, you will need to turn the validation off. You cannot save a topic that has invalid content while the validation rules (that it has broken) are turned on.

    To find out more, see Turn Validation On or Off for a Topic.