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What's New in Paligo?

For our first major product release of 2023, we’re releasing a highly-anticipated feature which will have a significant impact on how you manage your content permissions. As per usual, we've also made a number of fixes and improvements, including adding three new user types. And finally, we want to let you know about a feature coming soon that will give you an entirely new way of editing content - suggestions. Keep reading for the full details!


Many Paligo customers are responsible for sensitive or highly-regulated content, and therefore need assurances on content integrity and secure access. We heard you, and now we’ve delivered! Take full control of who can edit the content in your Paligo instance.

Permissions dialog. It is set so that everyone can view a topic but only certain users can edit it. The list of users with permission to edit includes the owner, a writer, and a group.

Set permissions on a topic and only permitted users will be allowed to edit it. Alternatively, you can set permissions on a publication and restricted users won’t be able to add new topics or modify its structure. If you want to apply permissions in bulk you can use folder-level permissions to control access to all of the content inside of the chosen folder in a single step.

Whether you need to temporarily lock content from being edited, or if you want to collaborate across teams safely, the permissions feature will allow you to more confidently manage your content.

The Permissions feature is available on the Enterprise plan. For more info see: Permissions.

Coming soon: Suggestions

Continuing on the subject of increasing content security, we wanted to let you know about a new feature we're really excited about that's coming soon: Suggestions. This is a completely new way of editing content, built on the powerful new contributor editor.

A close up of the Suggest View. There is content with suggestions added to it. There is also a suggestion dialog for accepting or rejecting a suggestion.

With this new edit mode, users can suggest changes to documents without actually modifying the document itself. If you've ever used track changes or suggestions modes in other software you'll get the idea. It will allow full authors to remain completely in control of what content is added, modified or deleted from their documents.

Suggestions is now entering it's final phase of beta as we prepare for its full release.

New user types

Paligo is adding a variety of new user types to give customers more control and security, greatly enhancing the authoring workflow. The pre-existing user types are administrator, author, contributor and reviewer. The new user types, which are available to purchase as additional licenses, are:

  • IT Administrator (available to Business and Enterprise plans)

    • Configure system settings

    • Manage user access, user groups and assign user roles

    • Manage integrations

  • Publisher (available to Enterprise plans)

    • Manage publishing integrations

    • Access to Review View

    • Configure output layouts

    • Publish content

  • Translation Manager (available to Enterprise plans)

    • Manage translation integrations

    • Access to Review View

    • Access to the Translation Editor

    • Create translation assignments

    • Export and import translation packages

    • Manage document languages.

    These new user types offer much more flexibility to work with colleagues and partners within and outside your organization. Ask your Paligo Account Manager for more information.

Phrase integration — multi-region support

Phrase is a translation management system (TMS) for localization professionals who need to cover the full range of enterprise localization use cases. Paligo integrates seamlessly with Phrase meaning translation jobs can be sent to, and received from, Phrase without the need to manually transfer any files.

We’ve just added the ability to select what Phrase region to use when setting up your Phrase integration in your Paligo instance. This means that both the EU and US regions are supported.

Phrase integration settings. There are fields for username and password and a region dropdown box with options for EU, US and more.

Other enhancements and bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where translations would sometimes not be approved for certain topics.

  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to mention other users in translation editor comment.

  • Improved how dynamic text variables are displayed.


  • Added a visual indicator to make it easier to see what Tabstyle is applied.

  • Fixed an issue where the “Document content has changed” message would sometimes appear unexpectedly.

  • Fixed an issue where converting an empty para to an itemizedlist added a listitem element to every existing itemizedlist in the document.

  • Fixed an issue where procedures in some situations would not get an XML:id on creation (if procedures had been configured to get an XML:id).

  • If you save a profile preview setting as default it will now load automatically when you open the editor.

  • Fixed an issue where the XML tree view would sometimes scroll to the top when you start dragging an element.

  • Fixed an issue where the editor would sometimes fail to load a document if it contained too many broken links.

  • Fixed an issue where saved preview layouts would sometimes reset to their defaults.


  • Improved how the HMTL5 API layout’s code snippet sidebar displays when containing many languages.

  • Added options for footnote formatting to HTML5 layout.

  • Fixed an issue where the step numbering for lists and procedures sometimes didn’t work properly for HTML5 outputs in Firefox.

  • Added a new option "Make a booklet" to PDF layouts (in General / Booklet) that rearranges and rotates pages as needed to generate a 2x1 booklet, see Standard 2x1 Booklet.

Activity Feed

  • Activity Feed now shows a message when a user is deleted.


  • Fixed an issue where the assignment reminder notification wouldn’t be sent.

Contributor editor beta

  • Added view support for simplelist and member elements.

  • Improved how variables are displayed.

  • Improved how dynamic text variables are displayed.

  • Contributor editor now properly generates XML:ids for applicable elements.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use the search if the cursor was placed in a list.

  • Improved undo / redo behavior.

Review View

  • The “Create snapshot” button is no longer accessible to reviewers, previous access was unintentional since they can’t create snapshots.

  • Fixed an issue where the assignment intro popup would always show when opening a review assignment.

Content Manager

  • Fixed an issue where topics opened in the editor were sometimes not located correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where hovering over the arrow buttons in the structure editor would cause tooltips to appear stuck in some browsers.


  • Fixed an issue where Zendesk Preflight would sometimes not load properly.