What's New in Paligo?

This release is a release we've been looking forward to, and it is primarily focused on a big update to the popular Zendesk integration, offering an unprecented level of control to the user publishing to Zendesk. For those of you publishing to your Zendesk help center, we think you'll love this.

Introducing Zendesk Preflight

We've had the integration to publish your technical documentation to Zendesk since 2016, and we know it's a highly appreciated feature. But even though this has worked great, you would need to go to your Zendesk account after publishing to make sure everything came out as you wanted.

Wouldn't it be great if you could see exactly how your content will map to Zendesk articles, even be able to modify and configure it right from Paligo?

Well, now you can. With Zendesk Preflight, you are in full control. This new feature gives you a full visual preview of how your content will be mapped to Zendesk articles, and with the ability to configure it as you like.


Read more about it in Map Content from Paligo to Zendesk (and the subsequent sections).

Selective Publishing - Publish only parts of your content

The Zendesk Preflight feature gives you control over which topics are published (added or updated) to Zendesk. You can choose to publish an entire publication, just a selection of its topics, or even a single topic if you prefer.


Remap content to a different article

If you should find that you have made significant updates using new topics, but want to update an existing article in Zendesk, you can remap the content to that article.


Change the status, ownership, visibility, and more

Now you can even change how your content is published on a very granular level, changing:

  • Draft/Published status

  • "Managed by" (Permission group)

  • "Visible to" (User segment group)

  • Promoted status.

Remotely delete obsolete articles

If you are managing your entire publishing process to Zendesk from Paligo, previously if you had removed topics or sections in your Paligo publication, you would have had to remove the old articles from within Zendesk. This update changes that. Now you can choose to remove them right from within the Paligo Zendesk Preflight panel.


There is so much more, go explore it yourself, and read more about the mapping customization in Customize Paligo-to-Zendesk Mapping.

Other enhancements and fixes

The big feature update was about Zendesk, obviously, but there are also a number of other enhancements, bug fixes, and other updates in this release.

  • The statistics view has had a great performance update for viewing Orphan topics or images. This has not been a problem if you have good housekeeping, but sometimes it's easy to let the number of orphan topics or images pile up. Then it could take a long time to view the list. Now with the pager view, it will load much faster, and you can easily go through them to clean up.

  • SCORM customizations: it was previously only possible to have one SCORM custom layout. Now it's possible to have multiple layouts (professional service).

  • Swagger (OpenAPI) embed is now supported for Zendesk publishing as well.

  • Because the (Salesforce-owned) Desk.com service has been discontinued, Paligo has also discontinued support for that integration. If you had any settings for it, they will still be available for a short time, if you want to go and remove them.

  • And a number of bug fixes, with a few notable ones such as:

    • The image insert keyboard shortcut would not work properly for all users, this has been fixed now.

    • A recent bug made it so that cross-category resolved links (cross-references) in Zendesk publishing would always open in a new tab. They will now open in the same tab as any other links.

    • Submenu links in TOC didn’t work for all Zendesk accounts, now they will (as long as you have a compatible Zendesk theme).