What's New in Paligo?

The first release for 2020 offers a mix of updates, from security enhancements to advanced search options.

Two factor authentication

Now you'll be able to use additional security with 2-factor authentication. Enterprise plans will also have additional settings to apply the highest security, including password policies, and 2FA enforcing.

Two factor authentication 2FA authentication setup page showing QR code and secret key. Both blurred for security in image.

In addition, device management and notifications for logins on new devices have been added.

This is the biggest update in this release, and you'll find a whole section about it here: Two Factor Authentication.

Copy Publishing Settings

This is something many of you have requested for a long time. You now have the ability to copy the saved publishing settings for a document, i.e the selected filter values, variable settings, languages, and more. Read more about it in Copy Publishing Settings.


More powerful Algolia search features

The Algolia search engine options have had several new updates in this release:

  • Automatic index updates: You can now update the index in Algolia without having to do it manually with file uploads. The index is now automatically pushed to your Algolia account when you publish.

  • Faceted search: To do faceted search in Algolia before, you would have needed a customization. Now you can enable faceted search out of the box.


Read more about the updates for Algolia in Algolia Search for HTML5 Outputs.

Zendesk speed boost and security

For our popular Zendesk publishing integration there are several really nice enhancements in this release.

  • Huge speed boost: If you publish to Zendesk, you have probably already noticed, especially if you have very large documents. Huge documents can now be published to Zendesk at the speed of lightning (well almost...).

  • Whitelisting support: For those of you using the whitelisting option in Zendesk, that used to cause issues. With this release there is no problem using that security option if you need to.

SEO improvements for HTML5 Help Center output

This release adds further SEO improvements:

  • More flexible meta descriptions: If you use the abstract element to output meta description tags for SEO, you can now remove the otherwise auto-generated abstract title. This makes this feature more flexible for use e.g in Zendesk publishing as well.

  • Add canonical URL link: You can now add a canonical URL link for SEO purposes. You'll find this option in the Layout Editor, under CSS, JS, logos, and other assets.

Other enhancements and fixes

  • New search string highlighter in the default search engine. The previous one had some bugs that caused issues, and it was time to change.

  • Improvements for links to content in accordions.

  • Improvement for setting the default profiling for reviewers. This previously required the reviewers to open the profile dialog. This is no longer necessary, it will be set for them regardless.

  • Search for branch labels. Those of you creating branches and keeping track of them with labels can now search for those labels in the Advanced search.

  • Create report of all topics used in a publication. This is done similarly to the link report, i.e just check the Debug check box in the publishing dialog. The report will be in the tmp folder.