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What's New in Paligo?

With the September 2023 release, we are turning our attention to some of your most common improvement requests. These include the #1 requested improvement from our users! And as always, we’ve made a number of minor improvements and fixes that are listed at the bottom of the article.

Easier to add topics to publications

It’s finally here, the #1 requested improvement from our users! Previously, if you dragged a topic into your publication structure, it was added at the end of the publication. You had to then move it to your preferred position. With the latest version, we’ve eliminated that extra step. Now you can drag-and-drop your topics to the specific position you want. No re-ordering required.

Animated gif showing topics being dragged from content manager and dropped straight into position in the publication structure.

The new drag-and-drop behavior works with single and multiple selections, so you can assemble complex publications faster than ever before.

Copy and paste into Publication structures

If you want to add content into structures without having to drag-and-drop, you can now use copy and paste as well.

Animated gif showing several topics being copied in the Content Manager and pasted into position in the publication structure.

Simply select your document(s) in the Content Manager, open the dotted menu and select “Copy”. Then, open the Structure Editor for a publication. Each topic has a dotted menu with a “Paste” option for adding the copied content before or after in the structure.

Easier to find branched topics

Have you ever created a topic branch and then had a hard time finding it? This could be especially prevalent if you had branched a topic in a publication. But you’ll be glad to hear we’ve made it much easier to work with your new branches.

When you create your topic branch, you’ll now be presented with two new options (Label and Open new branch in editor).

Create branch dialog. It has a Label field for adding a label to the branch upon creation. It also has an Open new branch in editor checkbox.

In this new dialog, you can easily create a label for your branch. We encourage always setting a label, as it makes it easier to organize and keep track of your branches. There’s also an option to automatically open your new branch in the editor after it’s created, saving you a few clicks.

As before, your new branch will always be placed next to the originating topic, but sometimes that’s not where you are in the Content Manager. So now we’ve improved the Content Manager so that it navigates to the resulting branch and highlights it for you.

We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions for improving the Content Manager, and hope you enjoy these updates.

Other improvements

  • HTML5 Help Center output

    • Added the ability to have non-clickable topic headings in the TOC by setting the role topichead on sections. These headings will be excluded from internal search, web search and the sitemap.

    • Fixed an issue where the heading for bibliography topics would appear twice in PDF and HTML5 outputs.

    • Improved how biblioentry elements are displayed.

  • Coveo integration

    • When navigating “Back” in the browser from the search results page - the page will now remember and display what you previously searched for.

    • Enabled the use of taxonomies as Coveo facets.

  • PDF output

    • You can now format a sequence of bibliomixed elements as a list. Two new PDF parameters - "Display bibliomixed as a list" and "bibliomixed label separation" can be used to enable this feature and set the label seperation distance, respectively.

    • Fixed an issue where the heading for bibliography topics would appear twice in PDF and HTML outputs.

    • Fixed issue with internal xrefs in Appendix.

  • Structure editor

    • Added the ability to copy structures without including child topics.

    • Fixed an issue where the topmost document was draggable. 

    • Made various improvements to newly created topics in the Structure Editor and how they behaved.

  • Editors

    • Fixed an issue where elements would not get a generated ID when copying and pasting using the breadcrumbs menu.

    • Biblioentry elements will now get automatically get generated IDs to make it easier to reference them.

    • Fixed an issue in the main editor that caused scrolling for the side panels to not work correctly in some situations.

    • Made several fixes to working with equations.

    • It’s now possible to include mediaobject elements inside equation elements.

    • Main editor: It should now be possible to add a <title> tag to each <bibliodiv> tag inside a <bibliography>.

    • Main editor: It should now be possible to add a <title> tag to each <biblioentry> tag inside a <bibliography>. 

    • Main editor: Fixed some cases where the “Merge cells” option did not work correctly.

    • Main editor: Paligo now displays the ID of the text fragment when searching in the “Reuse text” panel.

    • Main editor: Improved how wide tables are displayed.

    • Main editor: Made clickable area for toolbar icons a bit bigger to make them easier to use.

    • Main editor: Fixed an issue where the undo/redo functionality would sometimes break in the main editor.

    • Main editor: Updated the element insert menu search to display more relevant results first.

    • Main editor: Fixed an issue where the preview layout setting would sometimes reset.

    • Main editor: Fixed an issue where the step-counter for procedures would sometimes be sequenced incorrectly.

    • Contributor editor beta: Made a number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

    • Contributor editor beta: Fixed an issue where previewed profile attributes and variables would not apply on load.

    • Contributor editor beta: Fixed issues with configuring a width setting on tables.

    • Contributor editor beta: Fixed an issue where reused components would certain situations show in the wrong language.

    • Contributor editor beta: Various improvements to working with lists.

    • Contributor editor beta: Improved support for literallayout elements.

    • Contributor editor beta: Added support for the MathType equation editor.

  • Translations

    • Renamed option “Include approved translations” to “Mark approved translations” and updated the help text for this option to be more accurate and understandable. 

    • Fixed an issue where you could not approve a translation in the translation editor for text fragments that were reused inside the same document. 

    • Fixed an issue that could result in publications not getting 100% approved translation for the source language.

  • Imports

    • When importing from DocBook, appendices now become separate components linked in the publication structure. 

    • Fixed an issue where content would sometimes not validate after importing from DocBook.

    • Corrected linking behaviour when importing footnote references. 

    • Enabled some additional attributes in tables and table rows to be imported from a certain sources to Paligo.

  • Fluid Topics integration

    • Added support for IP whitelisting.

  • Salesforce integration

    • Fixed an issue with using the “Data categories” option while publishing to a sandbox environment.

    • Fixed an issue where data category settings didn’t persistent in saved settings.

  • Semantix integration

    •  Added 'tl', 'vi' and 'vi-VN' language codes.

  • Zendesk integration

    • Fixed a temporary issue with importing images.

  • Paligo API

    • Significantly improved speed of response when creating new documents.

    • New properties have been added to the productions response: document_name, document_id, format, started_at, ended_at. 

    • Added support for images description field.

    • Fixed an issue where you could receive a 500 error when trying to update the value of a variable.

    • Fixed an issue where the "force" parameter in the translationimports/translationexports endpoints in some situations was not accepted.

  • General

    • The term “Snapshot” is now used more consistently in the UI in place of “Version”. 

    • Updated text in assignment creation window to make it more clear when the assignment will start.

    • Fixed an issue where a user would be restricted from deleting a topic branch upon merging it even though the user had permissions. 

    • Made review & contribution TOC feel more stable.