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Zendesk Integration

Paligo can publish directly to Zendesk, so you can use Paligo's powerful authoring features to create content, while still using your Zendesk help center to support customers.

To publish from Paligo to Zendesk:

  1. Make the necessary preparations (see Preparation for Zendesk Integration).

  2. Set up Paligo's Zendesk integration settings so that it can connect to your Zendesk.

  3. Make sure you understand how the different Zendesk layouts work. There are several different types of Zendesk layout you can use, and each "maps" the Paligo content to Zendesk's Category > Section > Article structure differently. So it is important that you choose the right type of layout for your requirements.

    We use the term "mapping" for the conversion of Paligo topics into sections and articles in your Zendesk help center. For example, if you have a top-level topic in Paligo that is going to become a section in Zendesk, the topic is "mapped" to a section. You can find out more in Map Content from Paligo to Zendesk.

  4. When you publish your Paligo publication, choose HTML as the output type and select the Zendesk layout that you want to use. You can also use the publishing settings to control variables, filters, etc. To find out more, see Publish Content to Zendesk.

  5. Use javascript and CSS customize the appearance and functionality of your content in Zendesk.


Paligo does not support publishing to articles that use “content blocks” in Zendesk.


To import Zendesk content into Paligo, see Import from Zendesk into Paligo.

Preparation for Zendesk Integration

Before you can publish from Paligo to Zendesk you need to have:

  • A Zendesk account that has access to the "Managed By" feature, also known as user permissions.

  • One or more categories in Zendesk

  • A Paligo publication that is organized so that it can be published using a Zendesk multi-section, single-section, or enterprise layout (see Zendesk Layouts.

  • Set up Paligo's Zendesk integration settings so that it can connect to your Zendesk.


We recommend that you set up a trial account or a draft category so that you can test your Paligo-to-Zendesk publications without making the content visible to your customers. When you know everything is working as you want it to, you can start publishing to your live help desk knowledge base.

How to Connect Paligo to Zendesk

To find out how to set up Paligo to connect to Zendesk see Connect Paligo to Zendesk.

How Does Content Map from Paligo to Zendesk?

It is important to understand the structure of the Zendesk knowledge base, and how your Paligo publication topics will map to the categories, sections, and articles in Zendesk. To learn more about mapping, see Map Content from Paligo to Zendesk.

Styling Content for Zendesk

If you want information about changing the publishing settings, see: Zendesk Layouts. The publishing settings allow you to control some of the mapping features and also some styling.

You can also use CSS and javascript to change the appearance and functionality of the content in Zendesk.