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Zoomin Integration

Zoomin is software that is designed to provide a single portal for all of your documentation, including PDFs, Word documents, knowledge base articles, and content you create in Paligo too.

To use your Paligo content in Zoomin, you will need a Zoomin account and then in Paligo you will need to set up:

  • The Zoomin integration settings (see Connect Paligo to Zoomin)

  • A Zoomin layout

  • A publication and topics in Paligo. These contain the content you will "push" to Zoomin.

    There are no special requirements for your publication and topics when publishing to Zoomin.

You can then publish from Paligo to your Zoomin software. The content that you publish is an HTML5 output that is customized to contain metadata and other details that are needed for Zoomin.