Create SOPs and policies easily with content reuse

With reusable chunks of content you can easily create variants of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other policies, and update them in one place.

What used to take the better part of a week for 3 versions [of our documents], we are now creating 12 versions in under an hour.

Sharon Burton, Technical Communication and Design Specialist

Standard Operating Procedures published to Zendesk

Publish procedures
wherever you need

With Paligo, your users can have standard operating procedures available wherever you want, with publishing to professional print/PDF, modern HTML5 web output, or even Zendesk or Salesforce knowledge bases.

Conditional filters
make procedures reusable

With powerful conditional content you can make your standard operating procedures and policies even more reusable. Filter content on audience, user level, and more.

Powerful text reuse

Reuse chunks of text and update them all in one place. Create policies and procedures with a single source of truth.

Variables for easy updates

Variables enable creating variants for different departments and users. And if things change, such as managers or responsibilities, there's just one place to update.

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