Algolia Search Engine Integration

Paligo has a built-in HTML5 search that is convenient as it does not require any additional setting up. However, if you need a high-end Enterprise-grade search, you may prefer to use Algolia.

Algolia is a third-party subscription service that provides advanced search features. It can search all languages, is extremely fast, and gives you a wider range of information and features. Another benefit is that it does not use a crawler, and so works even if your site is behind authentication. It is customizable too.

To set up Algolia search for HTML5 outputs:

If you want to use Algolia's "Docsearch" feature, see Algolia DocSearch.

To learn how to set up Algolia to search multiple Paligo outputs at the same time, like a portal page search, see Faceted Search Page with Algolia.

Preparation for Algolia Integration

To use Algolia with Paligo, you need an Algolia account (

If you choose to start on a trial Algolia account, it is important that you choose either the free plan or purchase a paid plan as soon as possible. The Algolia trial does not automatically convert to the free plan, and so your search may become disabled when the trial expires.

When you have an Algolia account, you can connect it to Paligo.