Broken Links Report

Paligo keeps track of all relations between files automatically, including link references. So you cannot really break links as you could on a file system (by moving files around or renaming them).

However, even if links cannot be broken like that, if you publish a publication where you by mistake have links to topics you didn't even include in the publication, then of course if they are not there in the output, they would be broken in the published output.

To check for such mistakes, you can produce a "Link Report":

  1. Select the publication you want to check and open the Publish dialog.

  2. Check the check box Make debug build.

  3. In the output folder, look in the tmp folder. You'll find an HTML file that starts with "linkreport" and then the name of the publication.

  4. Double-click to open the Link Report file in a browser. You will see something like this:


    The report contains:

    • The title of the topic containing the broken link(s), as well as its UUID and Resource ID.

    • Buttons (Edit and Find) to either directly open and edit the topic, or to locate it in the Resource View.

    • The faulty link reference. If the reference is to another topic and it exists, then the UUID will be hyperlinked to locate the target topic directly.


      The attempt to locate the target topic is based on the link reference format. There is no guarantee it exists though. If for example the target topic has been deleted, then the link to try to locate it will not work.