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When you are writing lists and procedures, you may find that you want to have a series of substeps inside a main step. For example, you might have a procedure with step-by-step instructions, and inside step 2 you want to have a bullet list of the options a user can choose from.

A topic in Paligo. It has a procedure with 4 steps. For step 2, there is a paragraph and then below it, an indented bullet list with two steps.

To create these "indent" lists, you can use the Indent option on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the element context menu to add the relevant elements.

The following sections explain how to work with indented sublists.

To indent list items or steps:

  1. Create the your main list or procedure. When you get to the position where you want to add an indented list, add the first step/listitem as though it was part of your main list.

  2. Select the listitem/step that is going to be in your indent list. Then select the Indent icon on the toolbar. Paligo indents the step. For most of the list types, the indented step is now part of another sublist. Procedures are slightly different as they become steps inside a substeps element.

  3. To continue the sublist, select the end of the the sublist step/listitem and press Enter. Paligo will create extra indented listitems/steps for you.

  4. Add content to the sublist in the same way that you would add content to the main list.

  5. To exit the sublist and return to the main list, position the cursor after the last step in the sublist and outside the sublist structure. Then press Enter to display the element context menu. Select the option for the next type of listitem/step in the main list.

  6. Check the box Use gateway to enable IP Allowlisting. Optional

If you want to change the type of sublist:

  1. Select a listitem/step in your sublist.

  2. Look at the element structure menu.

    There is a main list element (1) and a sublist element (2).


    The name of the sublist element will vary, depending on the type of the main list. For example, for an orderedlist, the sublist is another orderedlist, but for procedures, the sublist is called substeps.

  3. Select the element for the sublist and then select Go to element.

  4. Select the toolbar icon for the type of list you want, such as an itemized list. At the prompt, confirm that you want to change the type of list.