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A layout is a collection of settings that you apply to your content at the time of publication. Paligo uses the layout settings to determine how to style and process your content when creating the published output. These settings vary depending on the type of layout, for example, the PDF layout has options relating to page borders and page breaks and the HTML layout has options for uploading CSS and javascript files.

HTML5 Help Center Layout, with categories of settings in a menu on the left, settings in the middle, preview on the right.

To publish your content, you have to associate the publication with a layout of the appropriate type. So if you want to publish an HTML5 help center, you will need to have a HTML5 help center layout.

Before you use a layout or create your own layout, we strongly recommend that you learn about Layout Relationships - Base, New, Duplicate. This is because each layout can inherit settings from another layout, and can cause unexpected results if you are unaware of the relationships.

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To find out about the layouts for integrations, such as Zendesk, refer to the Integrations section.