Software and Code Documentation

The content model of Paligo has very good support for documenting software and code snippets. There are many elements you can use for marking up UI elements and code elements, and we describe the most commonly used ones in General software elements. Refer to the standard DocBook Element Reference for the full set of elements available.


An example containing a code block as it appears in the published output. This code block has annotations.

In your Paligo content, you can add:

You can also embed code from external sources, including Swagger content.


It's also possible to import Swagger/Open API content into Paligo. With an import, the content is in Paligo, just like your other content. This is different to embedding content, where the content is inserted into a Paligo topic during the publishing process and only for the published output.

For publishing, there is also the HTML5 API layout, which is specially designed for documenting APIs. It has a three-panel layout, with navigation on the left, content in the center, and code examples on the right, with language tabs for switching between examples in different programming languages.


To find out more about the API layout, see API Documentation