System Requirements and Recommendations

Paligo works on most modern browsers and all major operating systems. However, there are some minimum requirements, as well as some recommendations for the best experience.

Browser Recommendations

  • Chrome. Very good support, regardless of operating system. This is the browser most recommended if you're a Windows user.

  • Safari. Very good support (Mac). This or Chrome are the most recommended browsers on Mac.

  • Opera. Very good support.

  • Firefox. Good support.

    Minor problems may occur, such as placing the cursor in elements needs to be done outside of placeholder text, and some shortcuts do not always work as expected either due to the browser overriding them.

  • Internet Explorer/Edge. Not supported.

Browser Extensions/Add-ons

Some browser extensions or add-ons may interfere with Paligo, especially in the Editor.

If you experience problems working in Paligo, and you are using one of the recommended browsers, you should check if you have any extensions that may cause the issue. Disable the extensions one by one and see if the problem is solved.


Especially grammar add-ons are known to interfere, such as Grammarly.

Internet Connection

Since Paligo is a web based application, you will normally need to have an internet connection of course. It is possible to check out topics in the (optional) offline Oxygen editor with the Paligo plugin, work on them and then save when back online. But it is recommended that you normally have a connection when working.

You get the smoothest experience with an internet connection speed of 8 Mbit/s or higher. But the recommended minimum connection speed is 2 Mbit/s. (If you are working with large image files you should try to make sure you have significantly higher than that though)