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Topic-based authoring made easy

No more copy and paste – in Paligo it’s easy to reuse your content with drag and drop single-sourcing and topic-based authoring.

Multi-Channel Publishing to Many Output Formats

Deliver your content as state-of-the-art HTML5 Help Center output, high-quality print PDF, mobile, Zendesk/Freshdesk/Salesforce support knowledgebase platforms, SCORM for eLearning, MS Word, HTML5 presentation slides, and many more formats.

Easy Collaboration and Review Workflow in the Cloud

Built in workflows for authoring, reviewing, contributing, and translating content. Easily plan your projects and create assignments in the Project Planner made for technical documentation.


Structured authoring in a powerful XML editor

The built-in editor feels almost like a word processor, but gives you the full power of XML and content reuse, making structured authoring a breeze so you can focus on great technical writing!



Conditional text

Component reuse

Powerful collaboration and review workflow

All your technical writers, reviewers, and contributors are on the same page when you collaborate around your technical documentation in a content management system in the cloud.

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Smart translation management

Get in control of managing the translations of your technical documentation, with easy overviews, bilingual view for post-editing translations, full XLIFF support, translation software integration, and of course full support for multi-byte languages.

Management view


XLIFF support

Bilingual editor

Multi-channel publishing

Author your content once and publish it everywhere. Paligo is perfect for anything from help authoring to the most advanced technical documentation requirements.

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Import from MadCap Flare, Zendesk, DITA, Word, and More

Speed up the migration of your technical documentation with support for converting and importing formats like Microsoft Word, HTML, DITA, DocBook, Author-it, and Framemaker, Help Authoring Tools (HAT tools) such as MadCap Flare, Robohelp, Atlassian Confluence, Zendesk help center, and more.

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