Creating and maintaining insurance policies and procedures just got easier

Most insurance companies have complex policies and procedures that employees need to follow. Policies written for clients have a lot of content that can be reused, but this content often needs to be modified for compliance, regional differences, and more. Writing and maintaining all of this documentation can be a challenge. Using the Paligo Component Content Management System (CCMS) can help make things a lot easier.

Time-saving structured authoring and content reuse

The Paligo CCMS is designed for structured authoring; an XML-based approach to documentation that simplifies content reuse, consistency, and collaboration. Instead of creating one lengthy document, you create sections of content, or topics. You can then reuse these topics in different publications, which is a valuable time saver in policy creation. Pre-defined rules govern the content, ensuring both consistency and accuracy. The writer can also focus solely on the content instead of the formatting, which is done during publishing.

Reasons you should use Paligo

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Time-saving structured authoring and content reuse


Easily manage different versions with taxonomies

Policies & Procedures

Create policies and procedures with a single source of truth


Comprehensive audit trail for tracking changes

Multiple formats

Effortlessly publish policy content in multiple formats


XML-based structured authoring ensures accurate, consistent content

Easily manage different versions with taxonomies

Well-defined taxonomies both describe and tag content. And by having content in clear categories, it’s easier to find information about your policies and portfolios. You can also filter your content to include or exclude a piece of policy documentation. Simply set variables and conditions to replace or remove content that does not apply. Furthermore, when you change content in a topic, that content updates for all instances it appears in Paligo. So you save a great deal of time and effort.

Create policies and procedures with a single source of truth

The Paligo CCMS provides a central repository for policy information, making it easy for authors to find and reuse content. Because the platform is cloud-based, multiple authors can work on a policy at the same time. This is particularly useful when working with different markets where writers need to work between regulatory issues and requirements. By using the single-source approach, writers have smoother collaboration and more effective policy writing.

What used to take the better part of a week for 3 versions of our documents, we are now creating 12 versions in under an hour.

Sharon Burton
Sharon Burton, Technical Communication and Design Specialist

Comprehensive audit trail for tracking changes

You can view the history of a topic, including who made what changes and when. This is helpful if you’re looking for a specific version of a policy or claim, or if you want to make sure your latest changes are the most up-to-date. An audit trail provides a valuable layer of protection for insurance companies and their customers.

Publish policy content in multiple formats

The Paligo CCMS not only helps you manage your policy content, but it also makes it easier for you to publish it in different formats. It’s easy to repurpose your content for different channels. For example, you can create a PDF version of your policy for email or an HTML5 web-friendly version for online.