Brief overview of how you as an author can publish content in Paligo. To find out all the details, we provide an in-depth demo video (approx 40min long) on Paligo Academy.

How does the Paligo CCMS make publishing content easier?

The Paligo CCMS gives you control and flexibility over your publishing process, allowing you to set up and manage complex workflows with ease. You can leverage and distribute your structured content, transforming it for the publishing method you choose, giving you more control and freedom over the final product.

Paligo gives you a variety of publishing options in a single source

With Paligo, you can publish your content in a variety of formats. With the user-friendly interface, it’s no problem at all to create professional content that looks great in any format. There’s also a SCORM eLearning option, allowing you to repurpose your content within your learning management system.

Here are just some of the ways you can publish your content with Paligo:

  • PDF
  • HTML5
  • CRMs like Zendesk and Salesforce
  • Git repositories
  • Content delivery platforms.

How Paligo’s publishing capabilities can benefit your organization


If you need your users to access your content through a support delivery channel, Paligo offers integrations with industry-leading sales and support tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow, as well as intelligent delivery platforms like FluidTopics and Zoomin.

PDF formatting made simple

Are you planning on publishing your content as a PDF? Paligo makes it simple with the layout editor. Instead of spending countless hours formatting and fixing page breaks, you can use the Paligo editor to get your desired look. Preview as you edit, then simply publish your content and the PDF will automatically generate according to your layout settings.

Many options for publishing settings

After choosing a layout, you have the option to publish your content in multiple languages. You can then set your variables and profiling for specific publishing needs, including conditional text. Paligo also lets you save these settings for future use to speed up the publishing process.

The type of cases that greatly benefit from publishing with Paligo

Organizations that have multiple teams working in different languages, industries that require frequent updates to their content, and companies that need to optimize their content for SEO are just some of the types of cases that can greatly benefit from single source publishing with Paligo.