Publish SCORM to your LMS of choice

Paligo publishes SCORM and other eLearning formats right out of the box, ready to use in your LMS. The eLearning content produced in Paligo is fully compatible with most LMS platforms on the market. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just make it more efficient.

Fully Customizable Look and Feel with a Modern UX

The eLearning modules published with Paligo are beautifully styled right out of the box, creating a stunning user experience. What’s more, because Paligo is a structured authoring CCMS, it’s easy to control the look and feel in a consistent way, all fully customizable to make it match company branding, and add user experience functionality and effects as needed.

"The new e-learning output works perfectly! This helps us maximize our content investments and support our customers. Really good work!"

Sharon Burton, Technical Communcation and Design Specialist

Enrich your Content with Interactive Quizzes

Besides reusing and leveraging existing technical documentation and other single-sourced content, content can be enriched with assessments and quizzes created directly in Paligo and exported to the LMS. Paligo’s eLearning output interacts with the LMS API to track progress and assessment scores.

Single source your training content

The Paligo CCMS supports multimedia eLearning content, quizzes, and records completion progress per employee. Publish multilingual on-demand training content with confidence, leveraging Paligo’s top-rated content reuse, filtering, branching and variables capabilities.

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  • Reuse in your training
  • Filter learning audiences
  • SCORM and other standards
  • Content as building blocks
  • Interactivity and rich media
  • Publish to any LMS
  • Reusable quizzes
  • Multi-lingual training
  • Customize look and feel
  • ...and so much more.

Future-proof Learning and Training content

By producing and reusing content from Paligo, and publishing to an open eLearning standard (like SCORM), learning & development content is future proof and portable to any learning platform, now or in the future.

Embed Video and Other Rich Media in your Training Content

When publishing from Paligo to standard eLearning formats like SCORM, it’s easy to embed videos and other media to enrich courses with interactive content.

Technical content is the heart of product knowledge transfer and policy and procedure training. By using the Paligo CCMS for eLearning output, training departments can trust in the security of their content and consistency in their learning materials, all the while creating engaging interactive learning experiences.

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