Lower operating costs and maintain compliance

Financial institutions are often tasked with managing a wide array of content that spans across different departments, including financial statements, compliance information, risk assessments and more. Paligo helps financial institutions lower operating costs and maintain compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

Paligo does single-sourcing better than other CCMS tools, creating beautiful PDFs out of the box and with easy customization, HTML5 for product Help, Word, SCORM, and more.

Rochelle Fisher
Rochelle Fisher, Knowledge manager

Improve efficiency with structured authoring

Structured authoring uses a predefined structure to organize and store content. Due to this structure, content is easily accessible and available for reuse in multiple publications, making it ideal for large organizations with complex content needs. A structured authoring approach improves content quality, increases efficiency, and reduces costs. This approach is greatly beneficial in the financial sector, making it much easier to maintain and update regulatory and supervisory policies.

Reasons you should use Paligo

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Time-saving structured authoring and content reuse


Easily manage different versions with taxonomies

Policies & Procedures

Create policies and procedures with a single source of truth


Comprehensive audit trail for tracking changes

Multiple formats

Effortlessly publish policy content in multiple formats


XML-based structured authoring ensures accurate, consistent content

Save time with content reuse

Paligo’s powerful structure and semantic tagging capabilities enable and simplify the process of content reuse, increasing consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in your documentation. Use XML components to create new variables and taxonomies that are searchable. This allows you to quickly find the information you’re looking for so you can reuse your documentation’s most important content.

Update multiple publications instantly from a single source

Financial institutions meet a wide range of continuously changing regulatory requirements. With all of your information located in a single source of truth, CCMS-managed content can be easily repurposed and adapted to different business needs. If you want to adjust or remove content, it will update everywhere it is reused in Paligo. So you can be confident that you have the latest information when working in the system.

Paligo is the best tool I have used yet when it comes to creating a topic-based document set ready for single-source publishing all in one tool

Andras Domok, Technical Writer

Keep up-to-date with version tracking

Versioning features make it easy for writers to track and manage their revisions, making sure only current and accurate information is used. This is especially important in the financial sector, where even small errors can have significant consequences. You can view a topic’s history, roll back to previous revisions, and compare them. Also, reviewing how a component has gradually changedĀ helps you to make more accurate decisions about future plans, or changes to company strategy.

Audit trails to secure compliance

Using a CCMS can also help financial institutions meet their compliance obligations. By providing a clear audit trail and supporting the management of workflows, a CCMS can help confirm that finance organizations are adhering to all relevant regulations. Tracking changes over time also helps identify opportunities to improve documentation and procedures, making certain they are always in line with current standards and best practices. This further reduces the risk of non-compliance.