User-friendly and cloud-based

In the highly regulated industries of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology, a Component Content Management System (CCMS) is a powerful tool. Structured Authoring ensures accuracy, consistency, and reliability. The user-friendly online editor lets you easily reuse content in a structured authoring system without having to work directly with the XML.

And because the Paligo CCMS is cloud-based, collaboration in a distributed global team is no problem.

If you really value the content you're producing, you should be using an XML-based authoring tool. Paligo is best in class

Paul LaBarbera
Paul LaBarbera, Senior Technical Writer

Accuracy, reliability, and consistency through content reuse

Whether you’re writing and maintaining Instructions for Use (IFUs), product manuals, SOPs, policies, or any other documentation, working with GxP regulated content in the Life Sciences requires accuracy, reliability, and consistency. Paligo ensures all of this through its structured authoring format and powerful features for content reuse and single-sourcing, making it easy to keep track of and update content in one place while reusing it for many purposes.

Reasons you should use Paligo

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Time-saving structured authoring and content reuse


Easily manage different versions with taxonomies

Policies & Procedures

Create policies and procedures with a single source of truth


Comprehensive audit trail for tracking changes

Multiple formats

Effortlessly publish policy content in multiple formats


XML-based structured authoring ensures accurate, consistent content

Version management and audit trails

Paligo has powerful version management specifically made for documentation, making it easy to control updates and changes through a multitude of publications. You can roll back to previous revisions, and compare different revisions of a component. This ensures an audit trail of your content, helping achieve compliance with all the regulatory requirements in the Life Sciences industry, like the FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

image shows a person working with version management in a single source ccms

All content stored in a central repository

A CCMS stores all content centrally in the cloud, so technical writers and collaborators are all on the same page at all times. There’s no need to worry about shuffling files between computers or separate servers.

This makes it easy to update all versions quickly and easily using the most up-to-date and compliant content. The Paligo single-source solution allows Pharma companies, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies, and other FDA-regulated Life Sciences industries to stay on top of the latest changes and requirements.

The ability to cross-reference and reuse content allows our technical writers to be succinct in topics while still presenting useful information across multiple products with a consistent message throughout

Monica White
Monica White, Technical Writer

Security and reliability

Security is of course key to complying with regulatory requirements in the Life Sciences industries. Paligo is ISO 27001 certified, and fulfills the highest security requirements. To read more about security in Paligo issues when on the cloud, take a look at our Trust page.

Easy Migration

The Paligo CCMS allows you to easily import your existing content from a variety of sources, such as HTML, DocBook, DITA, MadCap Flare, Microsoft Word, Author-it, and more. Our Professional Services team is also available to customize the import if required, to make sure unstructured legacy content is turned into robust structured content in Paligo.

Accuracy and automation of product labels

There are also a range of solutions to help companies meet product documentation challenges. These include managing multiple product variants to tracking and reporting on product changes. Automating product IFU creation and updating saves companies time and money. And with audit trails to track changes, it’s simple to keep up with new compliance rules. Your product documentation will be accurate and consistent across all products.