Migration service

Paligo offers professional services for our Enterprise customers. To start the process, the first step is to get an estimate from our Paligo Professional Services team.

How complex the conversion will be depends on the legacy format. For example, if your legacy content that you want to convert is structured content like DITA, the team will need a representative sample including the DTD to check if there are specializations. For unstructured content, like MadCap Flare or RoboHelp, there are other things to consider, such as mapping any custom HTML class constructions into proper XML elements in Paligo, and so on.

Once the team has analyzed the sample content, and are informed of the total amount of content to migrate, they will provide an estimate to your account manager, who will present you with a quote for the migration. When the project starts, it will be done in a few iterations and you will have a chance to review before the final import.

Output customization

Paligo is centered on XML-based structured content, which means it can be transformed into almost anything. Out of the box, you already have multi-channel publishing in a multitude of formats. But if you have special needs, such as wanting a completely different HTML structure, or very advanced PDF print output, or even a completely custom output based on, for example, JSON for an integration into another platform, it’s possible to customize a special publishing output just for you.

The team only needs a requirement specification, and in some cases a mockup of what you want to achieve. Once this is sent, we will provide the estimate.

Custom features

Paligo is a SaaS cloud application, which means that we do not, in general, make custom software. The overall functionality is meant to apply to all customers. However, we do have the ability to make custom features for our Enterprise customers as long as it fits into the overall product vision. Such features will then be accessible only to you. Examples include custom writing rules (Schematron-based), custom integrations with other software, and more.

Output customization

While you can customize most of your content directly in the Paligo UI, using the Layout Editor, our team is ready to offer more advanced output customizations as professional services. Whether it’s particularly tricky modifications of an existing format, or even if you need to publish to a custom output format not available out of the box.

Smooth migration experience

It’s easy to switch to Paligo. Our Import Wizard can convert many legacy formats like DITA, MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, Word, and many more right out of the box. In some cases with straightforward content, that may well be enough. But for complex content and the best results, our exceptional Professional Services conversion team is ready to help with a custom conversion.

Long standing partnerships

If your data set you need to migrate is exceptionally large or a third party service is better equipped for managing the import, we’ll make sure your content gets in the right hands.