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Why design intentions are key in technical documentation

Technical writers need to be able to understand both the customers' needs and the design intentions. So how do we accomplish this?

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Instructions for Use (IFU) creation in Pharma & Life Sciences

A cloud-based solution, like the Paligo CCMS, makes it easy to produce Instructions for Use in a fraction of the time it takes to extract…


How to Create a Taxonomy from Scratch with Findability in Mind

Working in a team of technical writers has challenges that, for the most part, revolve around creating an organization system for your…

Migration of documentation to Paligo CCMS

How to Prioritize Documentation: Managing Your Technical Writing Backlog

A common issue many technical writers face is the dreaded backlog. When, despite your best efforts, work keeps piling up due to new…


Reviewers Hate Reviewing – Or Do They? Working With Reviewers in Technical Writing

Reviewers play an absolutely essential role in technical writing. They help to make sure your instructions are correct, your writing and…

Technical Documentation Tools

The Top 10 Productivity Tools for Technical Writers

You’ve probably read a number of lists of technical documentation tools before. I know I have. So why another one? Well, the ones I’ve read…

DocBook or DITA for technical writing – What is the difference in 2020?

Sometimes customers or prospects ask questions that need long answers to provide the right level of clarity. One such inquiry led me to…

Help Authoring Tools like MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, and other HAT tools without structured authoring are like a house of cards.

Efficient Technical Documentation: Why You Need to Separate Content and Layout

A few years ago I wrote a blog article about the 5 Principles of Single-Sourcing. But there was one central principle related to structured…


We have a talk with Sharon Burton – Tech Comm Rock Star

Steve chats with the amazing Sharon Burton, several times voted one of the top 20 influential people in Tech Comm!


A Chat with David Toth about Technical Documentation in the Cloud

Steve Wiseman, Client Engagement Specialist at Paligo and experienced technical writer and information architect, had a conversation with…