Why Paligo provides more value than DITA solutionsfor technical writing teams

Structured Authoring

Both Paligo and DITA provide true robust XML-based authoring.

However, whereas Paligo makes it easy, DITA makes it hard. In Paligo structured authoring in XML is accessible in a way you’ve never experienced before. With a more flexible content model and an easy to use WYSIWYG XML editor built in, coupled with seamless content management, you’ll get your team on board in no time.

All-in-One Solution

With DITA, you’ll often need to patch together a complex tool chain to get the functionality you need to support a documentation team. The DITA content model and the DITA Open Toolkit tend to force a file and folder based structure (even with a DITA CMS). This makes features unnecessarily complex and not easy to use.

Paligo on the other hand provides an all-in-one CCMS platform where content is managed in a database, with authoring, content management, versioning, branching, release workflows, publishing, translation management built in. Updates are continuously and automatically applied in the cloud. No more tool chain headaches.


As opposed to most traditional CCMS software and DITA XML solutions, Paligo is a truly native cloud CCMS from the ground up, which provides unparalleled integrations with tools modern companies need.

Publish your content directly to Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Amazon S3, and many more, or get continuous integration support for GitHub and BitBucket. Send translations to Memsource. Get high end search with Algolia or Swiftype by Elastic. All seamlessly integrated into your own technical documentation CCMS software platform.

The future of CCMS

Paligo is the future of CCMS solutions. It gives technical writers a full-featured CCMS (Component Content Management System) in the cloud with a modern and user-friendly experience while providing all the power large teams and Enterprises would expect from a CCMS.

When moving to structured authoring, user adoption is everything. DITA XML is only a content model, and an overly complicated one at that. Paligo also provides a rich industry standard XML, but is easy to use, with more flexibility, and all the benefits and features right out of the box ready to go.

Multi-Channel Publishing

With DITA just like Paligo, you can publish to a multitude of formats, but with Paligo you get modern output right out of the box. Also, you have direct publishing to other channels that DITA or a DITA CMS do not provide.

Apart from the main output channels like HTML5, PDF, and many others, Paligo also provides output channels that modern companies need. Paligo had the first and most powerful Zendesk integration for technical documentation on the market, and with a central cloud-based CCMS made for multi-writer teams its capabilities are unparalleled.

Not only that, if your company runs on Salesforce, you’ll also appreciate the ability to single-source your content right into Salesforce Knowledge, so your customer service team has the content they need at their fingertips.

Read more: ShipStation got the power of content management and single-sourcing in their Zendesk workflow.

Review Workflow

With a full workflow with editing/contribution, review, translation, release workflow stages, and assignments, Paligo CCMS software gives you full control of your technical documentation projects.

Teams can follow review, translation, and contribution release workflows and have a full history of the documentation activities and changes, from the document level down to the smallest text fragment.

“Paligo has made our daily life a lot easier right from the start!”

Matthias Lemenkühler

CEO at xSuite Group

More power than DITA without the complexity.

Paligo takes the complexity out of topic-based authoring to let you release your documentation in a fraction of the time

What used to take the better part of a week for 3 versions of our documents, we are now creating 12 versions in under an hour.

Sharon Burton
Technical Communication and Design Specialist

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The Paligo XML Editor

Paligo vs DITA XML

Want to know how Paligo compares to a DITA solution? Download this document for the full details of how Paligo can help you take the next steps to move from an overly complex DITA environment to a productive CCMS technical documentation solution in the cloud.

What Paligo can do for you

If you are looking for a better alternative than a complex DITA tool chain, look no further. Book a live demo presentation with one of our product specialists today!

Full-featured CCMS
Industry Standard XML
Multi-Dimensional Variables
Versioning and Branching
Multi-Channel Publishing
Conditional Content Filtering
Topic-Based Reuse
Powerful integrations
Translation Management
...and so much more.