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Professional content management for technical writers has never been easier

Paligo is my idea of what the next generation technical documentation software should look like.

It combines most of my favorite features from FrameMaker, MadCap Flare, and Confluence with integrated CMS, versioning, and workflow management.
Support has been excellent, by the way.

Robert Lauriston, Technical Writer at Striim, Inc

Freelancer *

$ 49

per month

Full Topic-based Authoring

& Content Management

Translation Management *

Review Workflow *

500 MB Storage

Select Add-ons Available

1 Author Limit

Online Help & Knowledgebase

(Billed annually,

$59 billed month-to-month)

Small Team


per Author per month

Everything in the previous 

plan plus the following

5 Languages

5 Reviewers per Author

5 GB per Author

Help Desk Integration

Translation Tool Integration

Project Planner

No Author Limit

Standard Support

(Billed annually,

$129 billed month-to-month)



per Author per month

Everything in the previous 

plan plus the following

Unlimited Languages

10 Reviewers per Author

10 GB per Author

Version Branching 

Batch Publishing


Statistics & Reuse Metrics

Plus Support & Live Chat

(Billed annually,

$199 billed month-to-month)



per Author per month

Everything in the previous 

plan plus the following

2 Contributors per Author

Unlimited Reviewers

30 GB per Author

Advanced Customization

In-app Assistance

High Priority SLA

Custom Reports

Premium Support

(Billed annually,

$259 billed month-to-month)

Enterprise Plan available. Contact us for details!

The trial starts on Professional and is fully functional. All prices in USD. “Author” refers to a full author license, with access to all features. Reviewer licenses are included in select plans as shown.

* The Freelancer plan is a significantly discounted plan, exclusively for freelancers. You can apply for this when you sign up for a trial, 1 translation language and 1 reviewer license is included. Additional reviewer licenses and languages can be purchased separately. For full details about the differences between plans, pricing for additional reviewer/translation licenses and add-ons, or any other questions, please contact us.

Alice McCormick
Production Manager, Fire & Rain

The more our team uses Paligo, the happier they are with it!

What about security?

Security is our top priority. Only select members of the Paligo team ever has access to the databases, data is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. The data centers we use have passed the highest security audits. Backups are performed daily, and you always have the possibility to export your data “at the click of a button”. If you want the full security specification, no problem, just get in touch!

Will I need a fast internet connection?

No, the internet speed requirements for using Paligo are quite low. Since Paligo is cloud-based, you would usually require an internet connection (although we do have an optional offline client plugin making it possible to work offline temporarily if needed). However, the performance intensive actions all take place on the server, so the requirements for internet speed are quite low. In fact, using a mobile internet connection is quite enough in most cases.

Will my content be locked up in Paligo?

No. Of course we would like to have you as our customer for as long as possible, but we take pride in making sure that there is always an easy exit should you want to. You have several options to export your content to several formats, including open standard XML.

Are there any installation or other fees?

No. Traditionally, moving to single-sourcing and a CCMS has been quite a difficult process. But because Paligo is cloud-based, you purchase your license and then you’re off. You can start producing your technical documentation instantly. We do have optional training workshops, customization and migration services, should you want it, but none of it is necessary to start producing high quality documentation right out of the box.

Can I cancel or change plans?

Plans are month to month or annual, and you can cancel or change plans at any time. (But please note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades in the middle of a subscription term.)

Can I purchase features separately?

Yes you can. Examples of features that can be purchased separately are additional Reviewer packages, additional translation languages, version branching, taxonomies, storage, etc. Please ask for the full pricing details for more information.

I'm a freelancer. Won't Paligo be overkill?

Not with the Freelancer plan, specifically made for you. It has all the core features you need at an affordable price. Additional features can be bought separately should the need arise.

What if you suddenly increase the pricing?

No, you don’t have to worry about it. We apply the so-called “Grandfathering” principle, which means we will not change the pricing plan you enter on. Should we at some point change the pricing plans, you stay on the same one you went in on.


Will the storage be enough?

Yes, for each individual plan and its target audience, each has an ample margin of storage. XML content stored in a database takes very little space. In the very unlikely event you should run out, you are probably on the wrong plan. Also, storage is accumulated for the entire site, not dedicated to each user.

How do you pronounce Paligo?

Because we get the question quite often, here we go: It’s anyway you want! With an emphasis on the “pal” or rhyming with “amigo” – either way, with a name like that, could it get more user-friendly? (Pun intended ;-))

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