Get productive with topic-based DocBook in the cloud

Topic-based DocBook structured authoring and smart content reuse in an intelligent CCMS lets you release your documentation in a fraction of the time.

What used to take the better part of a week for 3 versions of our documents, we are now creating 12 versions in under an hour.

Mio Kataoka
Sharon Burton, Technical Communication and Design Specialist

"I love that it is based on DocBook (portable). I love that it is cost effective and easy to sell to my purchasing department."

Rochelle Fisher – Knowledge and Training Manager, SentinelOne

An all-in-one CCMS platform for all your documentation needs

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Paligo is the market-leading Component Content Management System (CCMS) based on DocBook, and the future of CCMS solutions. It gives technical writers a full-featured CCMS in the cloud with a modern and user-friendly experience while providing all the power and value large teams and enterprises expect from CCMS software.

When moving to structured authoring, user adoption is everything. Paligo is an easy-to-use CCMS with all the flexibility your users require, and all the benefits and features right out of the box.

Paligo takes multi-channel publishing and single-source authoring in DocBook to a new level.

Paligo introduced the first Zendesk integration for technical documentation on the market, followed up by integrations for Salesforce, Freshdesk, Amazon S3, GitHub, BitBucket, and more. With the power of a central cloud-based CCMS made for multi-writer teams, its capabilities are unparalleled.

Paligo gives you full control, and the mapping between Paligo content and Zendesk or Salesforce content is always in sync in the centralized CCMS for all technical writers on the team.

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DocBook is a great XML-based content model. But it needs a powerful CCMS to realize the potential for efficient documentation. Paligo adds full workflow features to DocBook authoring, with editing/contribution, review, translation, release workflow stages, assignments, and project management.

Teams can follow review, translation, and contribution release workflows and have a full history of the documentation activities and changes, from the document level down to the smallest text fragment.

Paligo is based on DocBook as the content model. But the CCMS adds so much more, with the possibility to leverage the advantages of topic-based authoring and much more granular content reuse, combined with advanced features like taxonomies, multi-dimensional variables, and more.

With all the additional bells and whistles, the source content is still always based on open standard DocBook, ensuring your valuable content’s longevity over time and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Without a robust CCMS for your DocBook authoring and content management, you will need to patch together an often complex tool chain to get the functionality you need to support a documentation team. Projects need to be managed manually and files shuffled around for reviews and contributions, making collaboration difficult. Versioning, revision history, and workflow functionality requires separate software.

Paligo provides an all-in-one CCMS platform with structured authoring, content management, versioning, branching, release workflows, publishing, translation management built in. Updates are continuously and automatically applied in the cloud. No more tool chain headaches.

As opposed to most traditional CCMS software and XML solutions, Paligo is a truly native cloud-based CCMS from the ground up, which provides unparalleled integrations with tools modern companies need.

Publish your content directly to Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Amazon S3, and many more, or get continuous integration support for GitHub and BitBucket. Send translations to Phrase. Get high-end search with Algolia or Swiftype by Elastic. All seamlessly integrated into your own technical documentation CCMS software platform.