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When a help authoring tool isn’t enough, and you realize you need an end-to-end Component Content Management System to replace your RoboHelp toolchain, look no further. Book a live demo presentation with one of our product specialists today!

Full-featured CCMS
Industry Standard XML
Multi-Dimensional Variables
Versioning and Branching
Multi-Channel Publishing
Conditional Content Filtering
Topic-Based Reuse
Powerful integrations
Translation Management
...and so much more.
Replacing FrameMaker and Robohelp with robust Content Management - WMD Case Study

We are excited that there is an authoring tool for the 21st century - it's been a long time since the last paradigm shift!

Tony Corman - Manager, Technical Publications, Vlocity - a Salesforce Company

Write once. Publish everywhere.

Publish to multiple channels, such as modern responsive HTML5, professional print/PDF, Word, SCORM, and much more. But not only that, Paligo has the best publishing integrations to help desk portals like Zendesk and Salesforce on the market.

Paligo vs RoboHelp

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Is Your Documentation in a House of Cards?

Most Help Authoring Tools (including RoboHelp) use HTML as the source — an unstable foundation for documentation. Paligo is a full-fledged CCMS based on industry standard robust XML, with truly powerful Structured Authoring.

Secure your valuable content.

I find myself enjoying the abilities it gives me to really structure my content in a way that users can consume more easily.

Monica White
Technical Writer

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Structured authoring instead of house of cards

Publish to the modern channels you need

Paligo publishes to all the standard output formats, like print/PDF and modern HTML5 web output, but also provides the best publishing integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce on the market. And you even have continuous deployment to GitHub, Amazon S3 and many more channels.

Tame the chaos in your documentation

With a true Component Content Management System (CCMS) for technical documentation you have complete control over every little component of your documentation. A level of global control that cannot be achieved in a toolchain with locally installed help authoring tools like RoboHelp.

It's currently the best web-based CCMS out there.

Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti
Technical Writer

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Tame the chaos in your documentation
Migration of documentation to Paligo CCMS

Painless migration of your documentation

Speed up your migration with direct import from Microsoft Word, MadCap Flare, DITA, DocBook, HTML, Zendesk, Atlassian Confluence, as well as custom import services for RoboHelp, FrameMaker, and many more.

We’ve migrated the entire product documentation to Paligo in a record time.

Mio Kataoka
Director of Technical Content

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The benefits of switching from RoboHelpto an end-to-end CCMS solution

CCMS for Teams

Paligo is a full Component Content Management System (CCMS), which is made for true teamwork, and offers so much more than help authoring tools like RoboHelp.

Every technical writer, SME reviewer, and collaborator works “on the same page” with data stored and managed centrally in the cloud – at all times. No shuffling of files back and forth between computers or to separate servers.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Apart from the main output channels like HTML5, PDF, and many others, Paligo also provides output channels that modern companies need. Paligo had the first and most powerful Zendesk integration for technical documentation on the market, and with a central cloud-based CCMS made for multi-writer teams its capabilities are unparalleled.

Not only that, if your company runs on Salesforce, you’ll also appreciate the ability to single-source your content right into Salesforce Knowledge, so your customer service team has the content they need at their fingertips.

Read more: ShipStation got the power of content management and single-sourcing in their Zendesk workflow.

Review Workflow

Unlike RoboHelp, Paligo is an end-to-end CCMS for global collaboration, with a full workflow for editing, contributing, reviewing, managing translations, releases, and more.

Teams can follow review, translation, and contribution release workflows and have a full audit trail of the documentation activities and changes, from the document level down to the smallest text fragment.

XML-based Structured Authoring

RoboHelp uses an adapted version of HTML as the source format. Paligo on the contrary is based on robust, semantically rich industry standard XML.

A real XML source format ensures properly structured content, consistency, and an unparalleled flexibility for processing the content in multiple ways. True structured authoring ensures your valuable content’s longevity over time.

All-in-One Solution

With installed Help Authoring Tool software (HAT tools) like RoboHelp you will need to patch together an often complex tool chain to get the functionality you need to support a documentation team. Installations need to be managed on multiple computers, hotfixes need to be deployed when released, and so on. Projects need to be managed in a separate server and shuffled around for reviews and contributions, making collaboration difficult. Versioning, revision history, and workflow functionality requires separate software.

Paligo provides an all-in-one CCMS platform with authoring, content management, versioning, branching, release workflows, publishing, translation management built in. Updates are continuously and automatically applied in the cloud. No more tool chain headaches.

Read more: Replacing Framemaker and Robohelp with robust Content Management.


As a truly native cloud application from the ground up, Paligo provides unparalleled integrations with tools you need.

Publish your content directly to Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Amazon S3, and many more, or get continuous integration support for GitHub and BitBucket. Send translations to Memsource. Get high end search with Algolia or Swiftype by Elastic. All seamlessly integrated into your own technical documentation software platform.