Why Use a CCMS for Policy Writing?

A CCMS provides policy writers with a centralized repository to store, organize, and manage policies. Gone are the days of searching through countless documents and versions. With a CCMS, policies are easily accessible and can be efficiently updated, ensuring consistency across the board.

Many of our customers use the Paligo documentation platform for reviewing legal documents as well as for publishing them on browsers that contain HTML5. Because Paligo is a powerful web editor and publisher, with user-friendly functions, organizations can create, edit, and review policies quickly and easily. Paligo’s automated publishing solutions also allow organizations to publish their policies in multiple languages, ensuring that their policies are available to all stakeholders.

Creating Policies with Version Control and Audit Trail

Maintaining a robust version control system is vital in policy writing. A CCMS enables policy writers to track changes, revert to previous versions, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail. This is helpful for viewing a topic’s history, including who made changes and when. If you want to make sure your latest changes are the most up-to-date, an audit trail shows which changes have been made to the product, when they were made, and by whom. This feature provides transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Content Reuse and Modularity

Policies often share common elements. Policies written for clients can be reused and modified to suit compliance, regional differences, and more. The Paligo CCMS allows policy writers to create reusable content modules, ensuring consistency and saving time. By reusing pieces of content across policies, policy writers can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors or discrepancies.

Well-defined taxonomies help you find information about your policies and portfolios. You can also filter your policy documentation to include or exclude content. For example, you could replace or remove any part of the policy that does not apply.

Collaborative Authoring and Review

Policy writing often involves multiple people from different disciplines, with different expertise and perspectives. The Paligo CCMS facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling policy writers, subject matter experts, and reviewers to work together in real-time. Comments, feedback, and approval processes can be managed within the system, streamlining the review and approval cycle.

Efficient Localization

For organizations with a global presence, policy localization is a critical consideration. The Paligo CCMS provides tools to streamline the localization process, ensuring policies are accurately translated, localized, and distributed to different regions, languages, and regulatory frameworks.

When it comes to translations, Paligo helps you easily manage all your files in one place, instead of having to do it separately for each language. You can use a professional translation service or manually add translations with the Paligo translation editor. We also have integrations with leading translation services, such as Semantix and Phrase to assist in the translation process.

Publishing and Distribution

Effortlessly publish policy documents in multiple formats, such as PDF and HTML5, etc. directly from the CCMS. Customize publishing templates and styles to match your organization’s branding. This way, you know your output is consistent and accurate. It’s also easy to repurpose your content for different channels. Create a PDF version of your policy for email distribution or an HTML5 web-friendly version for online viewing. Confidently distribute policies knowing that they are precisely tailored to your specifications and maintain a professional appearance across all formats.