Create new content from reusable building blocks

With reusable chunks of content you can easily create variants of policies, procedures, and other documentation, and update them in one place.

What used to take the better part of a week for 3 versions of our documents, we are now creating 12 versions in under an hour.

Sharon Burton
Sharon Burton, Technical communcation and design specialist

“Paligo has made our daily life a lot easier right from the start!”

Matthias Lemenkühler
CEO at xSuite Group

Ensure consistency and accuracy

Paligo creates and stores structured content so your policies and procedures will be consistent, accurate, and future-proof.

Unified content where you need it

With Paligo you can publish your policies and procedures wherever you want, with multi-channel publishing to professional PDF, beautiful HTML5 Help Centers, or directly to platforms you already use, like Salesforce, Zendesk or ServiceNow.

Efficient content authoring for any type of business

Whether you need to create and manage insurance policies, regulatory and compliance documentation, business processes, standard operating procedures, or any other type of documentation, Paligo will make it much more efficient.

Reuse chunks of text and update them all in one place. Create policies and procedures with a single source of truth.

Easily create personalized variants of content, with variables, conditional text, and topic reuse. Write once, update everywhere.

Stop wasting time on layout design and publishing. With Paligo layout is applied automatically, and you can automate the entire process with our powerful REST API.

Make your content production truly efficient with a cloud-based collaboration platform where authors, contributors, and reviewers are all on the same page with streamlined content workflows.

Create SOPs and policies easily with content reuse

With reusable chunks of content you can easily create variants of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other policies, and update them in one place.

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Top-rated CCMS on G2

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