Brief overview of how you as an author can work with translating content in Paligo. To find out all the details, we provide an in-depth demo video (approx 20m long) on Paligo Academy.

The importance of translation management in one place

The Paligo CCMS lets you manage translations of your content in one place, instead of having to manage each translation separately. Translations are kept together with each topic, making publishing content in other languages a breeze.

Other reasons to manage translations in one place:

  • Allows you to maintain consistency in the brand voice and messaging across multiple languages.
  • Makes sure the same information is provided in all languages so users find the information they need, regardless of their language.
  • By having all translations in one place, you can manage translations more efficiently and reduce costs associated with translation and publication.

How Paligo makes it simple to manage translations

Translations in Paligo can be managed using a professional translation service or by manually adding translations with the Paligo translation editor. In addition, Paligo has integrations with leading translation services to assist in the translation process (for example, Semantix and Phrase), built-in workflows and a translation editor and assignments. These features are designed for managing the various ways of translating your content.

Benefits of translation management with Paligo

There are many advantages to using Paligo’s translation management. These include increased collaboration among teams, the ability to easily track progress on translations, and improved accuracy and consistency across translations. Having all translations in one central location also makes it easier to ensure quality and compliance, as well as to quickly update text if needed.

In addition to this, the Paligo CCMS also:

  • Ensures content stays in sync across different languages and devices
  • Lets you translate images and variables
  • Automatically tracks when elements are updated so you know which ones need to be adjusted in other languages.

What type of businesses benefit the most from translation management in one place?

Businesses that operate across multiple countries, languages and cultures benefit the most from Paligo’s translation management capabilities. With the ability to manage, store and reuse translations across multiple languages in one place, companies can save time and money by avoiding the need to pay for separate translations for each language.