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Full-featured CCMS
Industry Standard XML
Multi-Dimensional Variables
Versioning and Branching
Multi-Channel Publishing
Conditional Content Filtering
Topic-Based Reuse
Powerful integrations
Translation Management
...and so much more.
Replacing FrameMaker and Robohelp with robust Content Management - xSuite Case Study
Team collaboration in Paligo CCMS software

Goodbye content silos. Hello team collaboration.

Have your entire team working together on your content in a modern cloud platform. With a global online CCMS solution and streamlined reviewer and contributor workflows, you are all on the same page. Literally.

Paligo has made life easier for us - right from the start!

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Unparalleled control of your content components

Paligo gives you unparalleled control over every granular component at a level you’ve never seen in another CCMS. With Paligo’s unique reuse features you will always know where everything is reused, down to the smallest text fragment.

It's currently the best web-based CCMS out there.

Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti
Technical Writer

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Tame the chaos in your documentation
Multi-channel publishing

Multi-channel publishing anywhere you need

Paligo goes far beyond what you’d see in other Component Content Management Systems, with multi-channel publishing not only to HTML, PDF and the other common outputs. You can also create beautiful HTML5 Help Centers at the click of a button, push content directly to Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and connect to continuous integration workflows in GitHub, BitBucket, Azure, Amazon S3 and many more channels.

Does your old CCMS just feel...old?

That’s probably because it is. But now there’s a state-of-the-art option. Paligo has reinvented the Component Content Management System in the era of the cloud.

Paligo vs the others

Want to see how Paligo stacks up against Ixiasoft, SDL Tridion Docs, Arbortext/Windchill, Schema ST4, XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, or any of the other legacy platforms? No problem. Book a demo and see with your own eyes the difference a modern cloud-based CCMS would make for your documentation team.

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An all-in-one CCMS platform for all your content needs

CCMS reinvented

Paligo is the future CCMS solution here today. It gives technical writers a full-featured CCMS (Component Content Management System) in the cloud with a modern and user-friendly experience while providing all the power large teams and Enterprises would expect from a CCMS.

One of the most important aspects when choosing a CCMS is user adoption, and your content authoring team will love Paligo’s intuitive and beautiful interface.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Paligo gives you multi-channel publishing that goes far beyond what you would find in traditional Component Content Management Systems.

Apart from the main output channels like HTML5, PDF, and many others, Paligo provides output channels that modern companies need. Such as the most powerful Zendesk and Salesforce integrations for single-sourcing content reuse on the market.

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Review Workflow

With a full workflow with editing/contribution, review, translation, release workflow stages, and assignments, the Paligo CCMS gives you full control of your technical documentation projects.

Teams can follow review, translation, and contribution release workflows and have a full history of the documentation activities and changes, from the document level down to the smallest text fragment.

Structured Authoring

Most CCMS systems use XML-based authoring, and of course Paligo does too.

However, Paligo makes this accessible in a way you’ve never experienced before. With an easy to use WYSIWYG editor built in, coupled with seamless content management built in, you’ll get your team on board in no time.

And the Paligo CCMS adds so much more, with the possibility to leverage the advantages of topic-based authoring and truly granular content reuse with full control, combined with advanced features like taxonomies, multi-dimensional variables, and more.

All-in-One Solution

Legacy Component Content Management Systems require complex customizations and patching together a chain of tools to accomplish what modern companies need. Collaboration and review is often difficult in such system, and the need to integrate with other departments and other tools is often not considered.

Paligo provides an all-in-one CCMS platform with authoring, content management, versioning, branching, release workflows, publishing, translation management built in, and it integrates with the tools you need. Updates are continuously and automatically applied in the cloud. No more tool chain headaches.

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As opposed to most traditional CCMS software, Paligo is a truly native cloud application from the ground up that provides unparalleled integrations with tools modern companies need.

Publish your content directly to Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Amazon S3, and many more, or get continuous integration support for GitHub and BitBucket. Send translations to Memsource. Get high end search with Algolia or Swiftype by Elastic. All seamlessly integrated into your own technical documentation CCMS software platform.