Working with a user-friendly interface for an optimal workflow

One of the best things about technical documentation in Paligo is its user-friendly interface and uncomplicated authoring workflow. Paligo gives technical writers a way to manage both topics and publications. You can publish to multiple formats, like HTML, PDF, and even Word. The Paligo platform is user-friendly, and where clarification is required, we provide thorough documentation and tutorial videos, as well as amazing support. Our professional services ‌are there for both content migration and advanced customizations of output formats. And they can also assist with more specific requests for custom development.

Helping technical writers find solutions to common struggles

Technical writers are an essential part of any organization that creates and distributes technical documentation and product knowledge, including user manuals, online help systems, training materials, and other technical information. Content such as this is complex and can contain many variations, so you need to be working in a structured authoring (XML-based) solution to maintain consistency and structure. And because technical writers must produce accurate and comprehensive content to use products effectively, it’s important to have technical documentation software that simplifies the process of keeping content manageable and up-to-date.

“The reuse options that Paligo offers have improved efficiency significantly”

Beverley A, Senior Technical Writer

How Paligo makes life easier for technical writers

Technical writers have many responsibilities, such as creating and updating technical documentation, working with teams, meeting standards, and keeping up with writing trends. Paligo helps writers increase efficiency through robust content reuse features, so there is no need to recreate the same content over and over again. And by using a single source of content, individual components can be reused in multiple documents. Also, when a piece of content is updated in one place, all other instances of that content in Paligo are automatically updated, saving a lot of time and effort.

Increasing collaboration and standardization with Paligo

When producing high-quality content, technical writers must be capable of managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines. That’s why Paligo provides a centralized repository for all content, enabling multiple writers to work on the same document simultaneously. Paligo also allows writers to track changes made to content through version control, where it is possible to retrieve and review previous versions if necessary. All of this ensures that the most up-to-date and accurate content is used, while reducing the risk of errors.

Publishing your technical documentation

Get more freedom and control over your final product by leveraging and transforming your structured content, and distributing it in the publishing method you choose. Enable seamless publishing of your content across various platforms. UX writers can export content directly from the CCMS to the appropriate channels, such as websites, mobile apps, or other digital interfaces.