Use conditional filtersto create content variants

You can easily reuse content by conditional text (or images and other media) to reuse your content flexibly and create variants for different products, output formats, audiences, markets, or whatever you need. The editor has a built-in profile view to view the different variants easily.

Powerful text reuse

Paligo has an amazingly powerful and easy to reuse text snippets. Just search for text and reuse it, and there is even a unique "copy and paste as reuse" feature that makes reusing content easier than ever.

Powerful variables that are easy to use

Variables are uniquely powerful in Paligo, multi-dimensional, XML variables, translatable variables, and even image variables.

Publish gorgeous outputto multiple channels

Whether you need to publish printed user guides in PDF, responsive HTML5 output, Zendesk, Salesforce Knowledge, your eLearning LMS, we've got you covered.

Structured authoringin a powerful XML editor

The built-in editor feels almost like a word processor, but gives you the full power of XML and content reuse, making structured authoring a breeze so you can focus on great technical writing!



Conditional text

Component reuse

Be in controlof your reused content

See exactly where all your content is reused, with detailed usage information about topics down to the smallest components, like text fragments or variables.

Versioning madefor technical writers

With version history and roll-back, version branching, and release management made specifically for technical writers, you don't have to worry about the complexity of traditional version control systems.

Revision history

Version branching

Version compare

Release management

Smart image management

Paligo takes the complexity out of image management – one image object can manage many output formats, for web, print, etc, and the same image object can hold translated images, so you just publish, and it's all taken care of.

Paligo plays well with other tools you need

With our growing list of integrations, you can publish to Zendesk, Salesforce Knowledge, Freshdesk, and, pass translations to Memsource, get first-class review comparisons with DeltaXML, and much more.

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