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Paligo has a Phrase integration (previously named Memsource) that means translation jobs can be sent to, and received from, Phrase without the need for translation packages and zip files. Make your documentation translation workflow a breeze. Paligo automatically matches the translation to the content for the source language. You can then manage the translation and release status for the content in all languages.

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Phrase is a translation management system (TMS) for localization professionals that need to cover the full range of enterprise localization use cases. Phrase has developed a unique approach to reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with patented AI technology. Before a translation is assigned to a human translator, Phrase identifies content that can be translated automatically.



Integration description

Translation costs can be huge if a TMS (translation memory service) is not used. Ensure your documentation translations are paid for once, not over and over, by utlizing the Paligo-Phrase integration for your multilingual and localized documentation.