SalesforceDiscover how Paligo takes your Salesforce Knowledge operations to a new level of efficiency.


Bring your knowledge to life and transform your help center into a powerhouse of organized, easily accessible knowledge with our powerful Salesforce integration and Paligo’s Salesforce Preflight, enabling Salesforce to be your the ultimate repository for all your documentation needs, all courtesy of Paligo.

Effortless publishing to Salesforce

The Salesforce integration seamlessly connects Paligo with Salesforce’s platform, offering organizations a robust solution for documentation and help center management. The integration enables users to push content directly from Paligo to Salesforce, eliminating manual transfers and streamlining workflow processes.

Empowering users with Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge enables Salesforce users to build a knowledge base inside of Salesforce, encouraging customer self-service and empowering their customers with knowledge sharing. For simpler, non-complex document structures users can publish knowledge to Salesforce directly from Paligo.

Level up with Salesforce Nested Publishing

Paligo has a Salesforce Nested Layout which you can use to publish multi-level, complex documentation just as it appears in the Paligo editor. It allows you to publish content directly to both articles and navigational topics, maintaining your publishing hierarchy, therefore saving you time and ensuring complete control over your output’s layout.

Salesforce Preflight: Map Before You Publish

Salesforce Preflight provides users of Salesforce Nested with a visual preview, simplifying content mapping and allowing for precise control over publication status when using Salesforce Nested. With this intuitive visual preview, you can ensure that your content is perfectly organized and ready to go before it ever reaches your customers’ eyes.