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Release and update your Salesforce knowledge base in a fraction of the time with smart topic-based authoring and content reuse in Paligo.

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Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management platform that helps your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work together from anywhere.



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Enterprise customers can use Paligo’s powerful authoring features to create content that can be published directly to Salesforce Knowledge.


Reduce time to market with smart content reuse

Release and update your Salesforce knowledge base in a fraction of the time with smart topic-based authoring and content reuse in Paligo.

What used to take the better part of a week for 3 versions of our documents, we are now creating 12 versions in under an hour.

Sharon Burton
Technical Communication and Design Specialist

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Smart single-sourced content reuse in Paligo CCMS
Salesforce Knowledge Help Center

Publish structured content directly to Salesforce

Paligo gives you a full Component Content Management System with structured authoring where you can publish directly to Salesforce (among many other channels).

“Oh. My. God. This is Amazing! All my help center dreams are coming true!”

Sarah Holdgrafer

Technical Writer at Shipstation

Salesforce publishing for distributed teams

As a cloud-based SaaS application, Paligo allows your team to publish and update content in Salesforce wherever they are. Mapping articles is not tied to an individual user.

I wanted the team size to grow, so it had to be scalable and enable true teamwork. Paligo did all this.

Rochelle Fisher
Knowledge Manager

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Reviewers and contributors in technical documentation workflow

Single-source content reuse

Reusing content at scale is easy in Paligo, with topic-based authoring and component reuse, block content reuse, and unique text fragment reuse. Empower your Salesforce Knowledge content productivity with a single source of truth.

Structured authoring

Paligo gives you the powerful tools you need for robust structured authoring to ensure consistency, accuracy, and always up to date content in your Salesforce Knowledge help center.

Conditional content filtering

Supercharge your Salesforce Knowledge publishing with efficient tools to make content reusable, such as dynamic conditional text and media. Filter content on product, market, audience, user level, and much more.

Powerful variables

With Paligo you can use variables in the creation of content for Salesforce. But not only that, Paligo's variable features are uniquely powerful, with multi-dimensional variables, XML variables, translatable variables, and even image variables.

Migration of documentation to Paligo CCMS

Painless migration of your documentation

Paligo has direct import from many formats to speed up the migration. You can import from HTML, Microsoft Word, MadCap Flare, DITA, Confluence, and many more.

We’ve migrated the entire product documentation to Paligo in a record time.

Mio Kataoka
Director of Technical Content

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