CCMS Explained: A Series Focusing on Core Features

October 30, 2023
image shows interview microphone

The secret to success when working with complex and abundant data and content is to be able to manage and deliver your content efficiently. For those who are new to the concept of CCMS or those who are curious about the inner workings of this powerful system, our in-depth CCMS interview series is your gateway to understanding and harnessing the true potential of this remarkable technology.

A wealth of knowledge in technical documentation

In our In-Depth section, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge from Roger Gelwicks, an expert in the field. Roger has put together a collection of interviews based on his brief instructional videos concerning the main functioning of the Paligo CCMS. This interview series is your gateway to not only understanding but also harnessing the true potential of this remarkable technical documentation technology.

Here’s what you can expect in this In-Depth series into the realm of CCMS:

  • Structured Authoring: Gain a deeper understanding of structured authoring in technical documentation. Roger explains the difference between structured and unstructured authoring as well as tips on how to divide content into components.
  • Content Reuse: Learn how to become more proficient in content reuse. Read some examples of how you would use content reuse with images, longer text and admonitions. And dig deeper into variables.
  • Versioning: Explore how to branch and merge your content as well as use versioning to keep track of changes in documents.
  • Collaboration: Discover how a CCMS facilitates content creation by enhancing collaboration among your team members. Learn how it can simplify review processes, minimize bottlenecks, and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Translation: Join Roger on a close examination of how translation can be used to maximize the value of the Paligo CCMS platform, from its beneficial applications to its impressive outcomes.
  • Publishing: Uncover the best ways to utilize Paligo’s features for content publishing. Find out more about integration possibilities in technical documentation software and the ease of publishing content to multiple outputs.

Our goal is for these interviews and videos to serve as a guide, helping you navigate the vast sea of content management and emerge as a true content master. So get ready to demystify, deconstruct, and decode the core functions of a CCMS from one of our leading experts. And don’t forget to explore our other in-depth content to unlock even more valuable information.