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Topic-Based Authoring

Topic-Based Authoring makes it possible to work with your technical documentation as small modules that you can use as building blocks and reuse in many contexts.

Translation Management

With Paligo you get full control over translations. Your in-house staff as well as your translation agency will love it.

Link Management

You never have to worry about broken links, Paligo keeps track of everything.

Drag-and-Drop Publications

In Paligo you build publications easily by dragging and dropping the topics to build your Table of Contents.

Born in the Cloud

Works on all browsers – no baggage from client-based technology, no lengthy and expensive deployment projects.

Version Management

Version management shouldn’t be hard. Paligo makes it easy to roll back content, compare versions, create branches, and manage releases.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Publish to PDF/print, clean XHTML, HTML5, mobile, SCORM, MS Word, presentation slides, and much more… All from one source.

Built-in Editor

The built-in and user-friendly editor in Paligo makes structured authoring easier than ever before!

Workflow Management

Check in and out content and avoid conflicts, and send the content through approval workflows.


The taxonomy feature in Paligo makes it much easier to find and use your content by categorizing it with easy-to-use tags.

Advanced Search

Find anything using the advanced search feature, allowing you to search by categories, content, elements, and much more.

Statistics and Reporting

Easily get an overview over your content, including metrics such as reuse of topics and text fragments, translations, topics and images not used, and more.

Variables & Conditional Content

Use variables for product names, technical data, and even images. Together with the powerful filtering (profile/conditional text) features, flexible content reuse is made really easy.

Smart Image Management

Easily stay in control of your image library – Paligo takes care of managing variants for different outputs as well as different languages.

No Vendor Lock-in

Paligo manages all content in open standard XML format, and several different kinds of exports to standard formats are always available.

Easy Reviewing

Getting reviewers on board can sometimes be a challenge, but with the intuitive review interface in Paligo, it couldn’t be easier!

Full Collaboration

In Paligo everyone is on the same page, no matter where you are located around the world.

Style Editor

Use the Paligo Style Editor to design your own print layouts. No more depending on expensive consultants or need for in-house advanced programming skills. You can also upload your own CSS for web output.

Project Planner

Plan your documentation projects using a Gantt chart view and get complete control of your projects and assignments.

Help Desk Integration

Publish and share your content directly to your help desk (Zendesk, Salesforce Desk, Freshdesk). Deflect support tickets using the same single source for your documentation.

Built in Math Editor

If you have content with complex equations, no problem. Just use the built-in Math Editor to create them easily.

Paligo is minimalist, smooth, squeaky-clean. Very rare.

Rui Costa, technical writer

State-of-the-art multi-channel publishing

Not only can you single-source all your content with the most powerful reuse techniques you can imagine. The delivery is gorgeous and full of features.



Deliver your content as state-of-the-art HTML5 Help Center output, high-quality print PDF, mobilem, support help desks, SCORM for eLearning, MS Word, HTML5 presentation slides, and many more formats.


For each output format, you have different templates to choose from, and each one is fully customizable to give it any look and feel you want, right from within the built-in Layout Editor, or through your own CSS.


You have lots of options to add great features to your output, in print PDF as well as online HTML5, such as code highlighting, expandable accordion sections, multiple language auto-labelling, featured content sections, embedded video, and much more.


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Version Branching

Paligo includes version management that is both powerful and user-friendly.

Paligo has support for version branching, meaning you can branch off your topics and projects into separate versions that you can later merge fully or partly into other versions. All without the complexity of traditional version control systems.

Get in Control of your Images

Paligo takes the complexity out of image management – you can store your image just once, in a high resolution quality output format, or even directly in the source format (e.g PSD or AI) with layers and all. Paligo manages the output formats for you!

What’s more, you can even store multiple language version in the same image object, making it easy to manage for example screen shots and other language variants for translated products.

Powerful yet simple

Paligo gives you full control over your content. Easily get an overview of what is going on with your content and what everybody is working on.




The overview panel shows you all about the status of each topic, whether it’s in progress, in translation, or released, and much more…


Powerful search

Searching for content is easy, quick and powerful. You get complete information about the search results, including metadata and a quick view of where the components are reused.


Translation status

The info view shows you a lot of information about each topic, including a quick and convenient overview of any translations in progress.


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Streamlined Review Process

Paligo gives you a full collaborative environment where you can easily assign reviews to other users. All in a very user-friendly interface.




There are several ways to easily create review assignments for other users, but it cannot get easier than just dragging and dropping the publication or topic to the user!


The Project Planner makes it easy to create assignments for writing, review, or translation. Users get notified by email with a direct link to start the assignment.


The review interface puts everyone on the same page. Multiple reviewers can comment and see each other’s comments, and you can even chat in real time.


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User-Friendly in Every Aspect

Creating publications, managing workflows and versions, or just finding your content, Paligo makes it easy at every step.



Drag and Drop to Create Publications

Reusing your topics couldn’t be easier, just drag and drop to build your Table of Contents, with powerful reuse mechanisms in multiple levels at your fingertips.


Workflow and Version Management

Collaborating with others is easy, with workflow and version management made for technical writers.

Tag your Content with Taxonomies

Categorize your topics, images and projects with taxonomy tags to find anything. Taxonomies make organizing and navigating content much easier!



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