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MS Azure Repos

You can publish content from Paligo to Azure Repos, and the process is very similar to “regular” publishing. You create your publication and topics, and set up a layout for the type of output you want, such as PDF, HTML5, etc. Then you choose the publication settings and Paligo creates a zip file that contains your output content. The zip file is downloaded in your browser and it is also uploaded to your chosen Azure Repos repository.

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MS Azure Repos

Azure Repos is a set of version control tools for DevOps that you can use to manage your code. Use version control to save your work and coordinate code changes across your team. Version control helps you stay organized as you fix bugs and develop new features, and keeps a history of your development so that you can review and even roll back to any version of your code with ease.



Integration description

The Azure integration manages files that are changed over time with version control tools for multiple changes and bug fixes. Manage and review your Paligo files changes with confidence.