Coming Soon: Paligo UI Available in German

November 8, 2023

Paligo is an innovative, cloud-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) that facilitates the creation, management, online collaboration and distribution of technical documentation, knowledge management, and beyond. It is the ideal SaaS solution for any organization looking to streamline their technical documentation processes, facilitate communication and boost productivity.

Michael Fagré boasts a wealth of knowledge in technology leadership and development management. He is skilled in Agile Methodologies, Software Development, E-commerce, and other various related areas. Currently, he is the Chief Technology Officer at Paligo.

Frank Arensmeier has a wide range of experience in the area of system architecture and development. He is one of the original founders of Paligo and held the position of CTO from 2016 until transitioning to the position of Chief System Architect in March 2022.

Today, our conversation with these two experts is centered around the exciting news that the Paligo UI will be accessible in German in 2024. This is a huge win for German-speaking users who want to be able to access the platform in their native language and is a testament to Paligo’s dedication to making their product more broadly applicable.

Why have you decided to translate the Paligo UI to German?

Michael Fagré: There’s a fairly simple answer to that question. We want to further strengthen our relationship with German-speaking customers, even though many of them, of course, are used to working with these types of information systems in English. We strongly believe that enabling the UI to support German will simplify their work process and give them greater capabilities.

Frank Arensmeier: This is also something that we focused on because we hear this often from prospects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. that Paligo is a great CCMS, but they would prefer to have it in German. So, in that sense, we listened to the community.

How did you approach the translation of the Paligo UI to German?

Frank Arensmeier: In terms of the logic behind it, we always considered it likely that we would eventually translate the UI of Paligo into other languages. So from the very beginning, the Paligo codebase was prepared for it, which is one of the reasons this project has been moving very fast. It was only a matter of exporting the text and sending it to the translation provider. Then two weeks later, we got the translation and imported it.

Michael Fagré: The quality is great. Some iterations are always needed before the final release, as there’s always the aspect of market-specific terms and terminology that might need addressing because the translators might not be well-versed in our specific terms, but other than that, I think the translation has gone very smoothly.

What impact do you think this could have on the German market?

Michael Fagré: We believe that this will definitely make Paligo even more attractive to the German-speaking market, expanding our customer base in the DACH region.

Frank Arensmeier: There are systems out there with a German UI, but they are mainly older on-premise systems, which usually means extended deployment time, heavy requirements from IT, consulting, and support. This update will make Paligo even more applicable in the German-speaking market, providing a cutting-edge cloud solution available to simplify remote work and people needing to access the system from different locations.

And when can the market expect access to Paligo with the German UI and German documentation?

Michael Fagré: The documentation is also being translated right now, and even though the volume of content to translate is of course much larger, Paligo makes it easy, since we naturally create all our own documentation in Paligo itself. We have excellent translation management functionality in the product, including integrations and connections to several translation services, and we use this for the documentation translation.

So in short, we are looking at a launch early next year.

We hope this conversation with Paligo’s CTO Michael Fagré and CSA Frank Arensmeier has shed light on the exciting developments and future of Paligo, with the upcoming release of the German user interface and documentation. We are committed to providing our innovative CCMS to a broader audience. This expansion not only demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction but also underscores our readiness to meet the unique needs of diverse industries.

As we eagerly work towards the launch of the German UI by the end of the first quarter of the upcoming year, we invite you to stay tuned for updates on Paligo’s journey. We also encourage you to sign up for a demo to experience firsthand how our CCMS can streamline your technical documentation processes and boost your productivity.