Help Desk Integrations, Super Easy List Editing, Profile View and More!

October 1, 2016

Share and Reuse Content With Your Support Team!

It was just last month that we released a number of exciting new features such as the Math Editor and Batch publishing. But it’s already time again, and we’ve got even more exciting new updates for you now!

Our Brand New Help Desk Integrations makes it easy

We’re very excited to introduce the brand new integrations with help desk portals! Many of our customers use these help desk portals for their support, and support agents often need the same or similar content as is created in the technical documentation, to share it as articles in support knowledgebases and the like. Well now we’ve made this much easier!

With the new integrations you can choose to publish entire publications, single topics, or specially created publication projects directly to your help desk. It will be published as a draft, and then the support team can choose to use what they need, modify it before publishing if needed, or whatever they want. The keyword is reuse, as always in Paligo.

The integrations are, at the time of writing, in Beta, and available to all users during the beta period. We are starting with Zendesk and Freshdesk, two very popular help desk portals, and we have others coming up on the near future roadmap!

Working with Lists and Procedures Just Got a Lot Easier!

Structured authoring in XML is a great thing and it’s what makes powerful single-sourcing possible. But the structure required can sometimes feel a bit tricky to work with, especially when working with different kinds of lists.

Well, no more! With our latest update we are making it just as easy to work with lists and procedures as in any word processor.

At the click of a button or a keyboard shortcut, you can:

  • Convert any list from one type to another
  • Create lists from paragraphs
  • Indent or outdent lists
  • Split lists
  • Merge lists

Creating the proper element structure is done automatically for you.

Speed Up Your Authoring With Keyboard Shortcuts!

We’re constantly trying to make authoring technical documentation as easy as possible, and with the new keyboard shortcuts we just added, you’ll be creating your content faster than ever before!

Apart from the new list features, we’ve also added shortcuts for deleting elements, inserting notes, warnings, and more. And you’ll find the shortcuts either in the online help or right there in the toolbar as a tooltip.

Announcing the all new profile view!

Using filters and variables are of course a couple of the core features of Paligo to reuse and single-source content efficiently. But if you use a lot of filters and variables to create variants of your content, it can also be quite complex to keep track of it all.

Well, this is where the Profile view comes in! Now you can instantly get a clear view of different variants of your content directly in the editor while you are writing it.

And it’s not only available in the editor, it can also be enabled in both Translation and Review, making it easy for reviewers to check only the content that is relevant to them!

We hope you’ll enjoy all of these updates, and stay tuned for more soon to come!