MegaComm 2023

February 15, 2023

MEGAComm 2023 – Year 17 – is about how we come together again to discuss what we’ve learned, challenges we face and how we defeat them, from overcoming new work conditions to mastering new concepts and applications and, as always, focusing on tomorrow’s promises in the worlds of content strategy, information architecture and knowledge management.


Paligo: Full authoring process from new content all the way to delivery.

February 22nd 2023, 13:30 CEDT +1, in Ballroom A-1

During the journey we will touch on some of Paligo’s main functionality such as authoring, reuse and delivery.

We will take you through the full content journey from creation all the way through to its delivery. Paligo helps you manage each part of that journey. And it’s really not too hard either as you will see!

Even if you aren’t yet familiar with structured authoring and enterprise solutions for managing content, we assure you that you will have a good grasp of structured authoring by the end of the demo.

Paligo: Taking a deeper dive into Content Reuse, Collaboration, Translation, Versioning and Publishing

February 23rd 2023, 14:00 CEDT + 1, in Ballroom A-1

In this second session, we will do a quick demo but focus in more detail on important functionality that you would be using in your specific use cases. We’ll delve deeper into content reuse – do this right and your productivity and efficiency can shoot way up. Collaboration, as Paligo is SaaS, is built right into the project for acquiring and reviewing content. Translations can be a truly expensive part of the process so it’s really important to do this effectively.

Versioning is built into the core so no need for unnecessary integrations with external git-like solutions. As the authoring is separate to delivery, you can publish to a whole range of outputs including PDF, HTML, support platforms, LMSs and CDPs.