Publish to New HTML5 Help Center, MS Word, SCORM, and More

March 11, 2018

New HTML5 “Help Center” Output!

The March 2018 Release of Paligo has tons of cool new features! A lot of it is about HTML5 this time, but also other new great outputs. We are really excited about it, and hope you will be too!

We’ve added a whole new framework for a new HTML5 output type, and we call it the “Help Center” output.

For one thing, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and based on the latest HTML5 design techniques. But it’s not only a pretty surface, it’s actually a whole framework that is full of features, available in several different themes, and enables a flexibility to make it highly customizable.

Here are just a couple of teasers, explore them yourself to find out all you can do!

The new Help Center outputs will be in pre-release for a brief period, while we apply some last tweaks, but you can use them right now.

Rich content glossary popovers

In the new output, the glossary terms you add in your content are not only automatically linked to the glossary, they can also show the definition directly when you hover over the term. And not only that, it supports rich HTML content, so you can have images and more in your definitions.

Super Snappy Help Pages

“Ajax” loading means the site does not have to reload the entire page each time you navigate to a new topic. Instead it just loads the part that is new. This has been an option for the HTML5 output before too. But with the new output it is even more optimized and with several different options.

This means blazingly fast and responsive HTML5 content, and a great user experience for your end users!

Top Navigation, Featured Content, Multi-lingual Portals…

There are so many possibilities with the new Help Center output, we can’t list them all, but you can enable top navigation menus, easily select what content to feature on the front portal page, have a full site search for multiple help sets, and publish to a multiple language portal in one click.

Publish to MS Word

Normally in single-sourcing environments like Paligo, if you want to publish documents for printing, you would probably just choose the PDF output. There may, however, still be situations where it can be very useful to be able to publish to MS Word, e.g. for single-sourced content that needs to be possible to further edit by the end users.

Whatever your need is for publishing your single-sourced content to Word, now you can!

Publish to SCORM for eLearning systems

If you have a need to get your documentation into an LMS (eLearning system), you can now easily publish to SCORM, which can be imported into most LMSs.

Integration with DeltaXML

We have partnered up with DeltaXML to provide the best possible XML comparison features available!

Initially, this integration is now used as the backend for the topic branch merge feature. We will also soon add more functionality based on these improved XML comparison capabilities.

And Much More…

There’s more, and here are just some of the other highlights we’ve added recently:

  • Support for Microsoft Stream videos, adding to our previously supported formats YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia
  • Quick add button for new topics
  • Add Google Analytics to your output without any coding
  • Mixpanel – analytics for your help site that works for offline statistics too
  • Disqus – want a discussion forum on your help site? Add it in 2 minutes.
  • Intercom Chat – communicate with your customers right from your online help.

If you’re not already using Paligo, and want to see everything you can do, sign up for a free 30-day trial, and discover it for yourself.