Updated Branching, a Power Boost, and Much More

August 8, 2018

Version Branching gets a new version!

Yes, we’ve had a bit of vacation over the summer, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, because we’ve got so many new features and updates for you! We’re just summarizing some of the major updates here, but check out our What’s New in Paligo section in the online help for more!

Branching in Paligo is made to be easy to use and suitable for single-sourced technical documentation. Now we’ve made it even more powerful, and more suitable for creating sequential versions of your content, basing it off the latest and greatest!

Zoomin integration

We’ve partnered with Zoomin Software to offer yet another delivery platform.

Combining Paligo’s features for single-sourcing of your technical content with a full-featured delivery platform like Zoomin creates a powerful enterprise end-to-end documentation solution.

The Zoomin integration is available on the Enterprise plan.

Powerful new platform architecture

Perhaps the biggest update we’ve done for this summer is about performance: We’ve upgraded the entire platform architecture of Paligo to make the system faster in almost every respect!

We think you’ll notice that everything from releasing publications to exporting translations will be faster than before, and your entire experience working with your technical documentation will be even smoother.

Comparing versions of your content

We’ve had the Version Compare feature for Reviewers for quite some time. But since we partnered with DeltaXML for XML comparison, we’ve now been able to improve it even more, to get you great comparisons of all your versions of content!

Use taxonomies for filtering

Paligo has a great feature for taxonomies, helping organize and navigate content. Now we’ve made it possible to use taxonomies for filtering too, so you can tag topics just like you use filter attributes to create different versions of your content.

And Much More…

  • Easily add feedback buttons in your help content
  • Provide your users with a “Click to copy link” feature
  • Easier Zendesk Publishing with simple selection of destination category
  • Tons of new keyboard shortcuts to make structured authoring even easier
  • And much more, check out What’s New in Paligo for the full updates!