Create equations, batch publish, and more

September 8, 2016

It’s high time to share some of the latest news… It’s been a few months now since we released the major upgrade Paligo 2, and the response from all you users has been fantastic 🙂

But we’re not stopping there – even if we’ve had a bit of vacation, in fact we’ve been hard at work during summer too, and have a bunch of new updates rolled out.

So we feel it’s high time we posted an update here to give you a couple of highlights:

The Math Editor – Create advanced equations directly in the Paligo Editor

We found this is a feature that has been requested more and more. In fact, Paligo has had support for MathML before too, and advanced markup language for representing complex mathematical expressions. But editing MathML directly is a daunting task, and we wanted it to be as easy as possible, in line with the overall philosophy of Paligo.

So the solution we’ve implemented we think is as easy as it can get with something as complex as math. Whenever you add an “equation” element in a topic, just double-click it to open the Math Editor – a small mini editor opens up, and you can use simple commands to create complex expressions.

PS: We don’t really think we’ll be able to land on Mars with the equation in the screenshot…but take it for a spin, maybe you can?

Get really productive (drum roll…) with Batch Publishing

A very frequent request from many of you that publish a lot of variants of your content is to be able to publish in batch. Well, now you can!

We just rolled out Batch Publish, giving you the possibility to have your saved settings available in one view, and you can just check all or some of them and start the publishing.

When you’ve checked the ones you want, hit Publish and then get yourself a a well-deserved cup of coffee for your hard work 🙂

(Batch Publish is available automatically in Professional and above, but a 30-day trial is included in all plans)

But that’s not all. In fact we’ve done ton’s of updates the last couple of months. Apart from bug fixes (of course), here are some other highlights:

  • Speed improvements in publishing (it was fast before, even faster now!)
  • Improved image management possibilities in the editor
  • Easier to create context-sensitive help
  • More options for tables in the editor
  • Translation editor improvements
  • More options for arranging topics in the Structure View

We hope you’ll like these updates, try them out and let us know what you think!