Single-source content reuse

Reuse content at scale with topic-based authoring and component reuse, block content reuse, and unique text fragment reuse.

Structured authoring

Ensure your content is consistent and robust with open standard XML-based structured authoring.

Conditional content filtering

Easily make content reusable with dynamic conditional text and media. Filter content on product, market, audience, and much more.

Powerful variables

Variables are uniquely powerful in Paligo, with multi-dimensional variables, XML variables, translatable variables, and even image variables.

Publish gorgeous output to multiple channels

Publish a responsive HTML5 Help Center, professional print quality PDF, push to Zendesk knowledge base, Salesforce Knowledge, eLearning... Whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Structured authoring
made easy

Structured authoring makes your content consistent, accurate, and future-proof. The user-friendly XML editor gives you the full power of content reuse, making structured authoring a breeze so you can focus on great technical writing.



Conditional text

Component reuse

The Paligo XML Editor
Multi-channel publishing in Paligo CCMS for technical documentation

The future of multi-channel publishing

Paligo takes multi-channel publishing to another level. Publish to HTML5, PDF print, SCORM eLearning, Zendesk, Salesforce, GitHub, BitBucket, Amazon S3, and much more.

Versioning made
for technical writers

With version history and roll-back, version branching, and release management made specifically for technical writers, you don't have to worry about the complexity of traditional version control systems.

Revision history

Version branching

Version compare

Release management

Branching and versioning in Paligo CCMS

Smart image management

Paligo takes the complexity out of image management. Paligo takes care of producing HTML, print, and other versions of your images, even translated versions of the image.

Smart Image Management
Translation management in Paligo CCMS

Manage translations.
Not files.

Paligo gives you smart translation management. No more duplicate files for each language. Integrates with Memsource and other TMS solutions.

Management view

Multi-byte and RTL

XLIFF support

Bilingual editor

TMS integration

Automate and integrate with the Paligo REST API

Use our ready-made integrations or make your own automations using our REST API to make Paligo do what you need it to do.

Automate documentation with the Paligo REST API

Paligo plays well with other tools you need

With our growing list of integrations, you can publish to Zendesk Guide, Salesforce Knowledge, and Freshdesk, collaborate with your technical documentation team in Slack, manage professional translations with Memsource, get high-end Enterprise search with Algolia, first-class review comparisons with DeltaXML, and more.

Integrations for Paligo CCMS
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