February 13, 2018

We have a talk with Sharon Burton – Tech Comm Rock Star

Steve chats with the amazing Sharon Burton, several times voted one of the top 20 influential people in Tech Comm!

Sharon is the Project Specialist for Content Management Systems at PointClickCare, a leading company in health care software. She has worked in a variety of industries from Oil and Gas to Healthcare, and has long been considered an expert in many areas of technical documentation.

Some highlights from what you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How Sharon went from working on her doctorate in anthropology to becoming passionate about technical documentation
  • How Sharon sees businesses now are recognizing the value of technical writing as a business asset
  • Steve and Sharon discussing the exciting new developments in technical documentation
  • Sharon discussing tools and what companies need to do to scale up their technical documentation, like moving from a HAT (Help Authoring Tool) to a CCMS (Component Content Management System)
  • The history of why Sharon and PointClickCare chose Paligo for their authoring, single-sourcing, and content management
  • How PointClickCare reduced production time of documents from 1 week to 1 hour
  • How Sharon was able to bring in non-technical writers, like nurses and accountants, to work with single-sourcing and structured content
  • Finale: hear the surprise announcement at the end of the podcast