Vlocity scaled documentation, moving from MadCap Flare to Paligo

Vlocity was using a combination of Madcap Flare, BitBucket, GitHub and Jenkins, but needed to scale to a full content management solution.

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From complex MadCap Flare toolchain to all-in-one solution

Netskope moved from a complex tool chain of XMetal, MadCap Flare, and GitLab to full content management in Paligo.

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Replacing Framemaker and Robohelp with robust Content Management

xSuite replaced Robohelp and Framemaker with content management in Paligo to fulfill their Enterprise documentation needs.

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From Confluence to structured authoring in Paligo in record time

Moogsoft made the journey from unstructured content in Confluence to structured authoring and content reuse in Paligo in record time.

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