Amazon S3 Paligo integration

Amazon S3

Paligo has Continuous Integration (CI) support for Amazon Web Services S3 (Amazon S3). This means you can create content in Paligo, such as PDFs or an HTML help center, and publish it to Amazon S3 so that it is instantly live to your end-users.

When you publish to Amazon S3, your Paligo content is uploaded to an S3 bucket as a zip file. You can use a lambda function to automatically unzip the file into another bucket, and then you can use the unzipped content in your workflow or publish it through Amazon S3.

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Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is an unlimited data storage service for all types of business, offering the highest grade of security and reliability.



Integration description

Amazon is synonymous with data storage globally. Paligo’s integration with Amazon S3 means that documentation teams can add their data to the rest of the company’s data smoothly and efficiently, in the output format that they desire.